Let the Heavens Shower Flowers on Your Big Day!

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flying orb 1If you are wondering still about what should be your wedding decoration, I have a fantastic suggestion for you. I came across it recently and couldn’t resist myself from sharing it with you guys here. They are super beautiful glass orbs which you can hang on trees, walls, windows or anywhere and they will shine like shining floating flowers! Didn’t really get what I say? Take a look at the pictures here and you will be amazed with these gorgeous pieces, which are created by William Pfeffer – a master in glasswork and the only person in the world who can make them. His descriptions on how he makes these gorgeous pieces are interesting too.

What Are Flying Orbs?

This innovative idea of flying orbs is indeed incredible. This is a glass globe with a hook to hang it anywhere and a colorful flower also made of glass inside. You can hang them anywhere in and around your wedding venue. When light – natural or artificial – falls on them, the colorful flowers shimmer beautifully and they seem like suspended without any support like falling from the heavens! An apt denotation for your big day, right? The outer glass globe being made of transparent glass, lets light directly fall on the inner flower which sparkles brilliantly! Isn’t that innovative?

I can’t just stop myself from showing you some creations of this guy.

This lovely flower is made by pulling purple and red petals from a colored borosilicate glass rod. The green leaf is then pulled from a green rod and fused with the flower. The petals are fused with a blue-green rod and the finished flower is taken off the rod.

flying orb 1

This is another one which I love the most. It’s a purple blue flower which has been made by pulling the petals from a colored borosilicate glass rod which then are fused with a hollow green tube. The yellow in the center is added when the tube and petals are condensed. The completed flower is then pulled off the tube.


Enjoy some more here.

green flower

multicolored globe

reddish brown

The glass orbs around these flowers are made from a clear tube. Then the flower is put inside the orb fused with it and then the loop is added. The finished product is then annealed in a kiln overnight.

William Pfeffer makes all these wonderful pieces with hand and personalizes them with up to 35 characters etched on the item.

william pfeffer

Let the heavens shower glittering flowers on your big day! Adorn your wedding with these glass orbs and amaze all your guests!

green with yellow center