Let Your Wedding Invitations Bloom into Colors

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seed paper wedding invitationsWhile making preparations for your big day, if you are concerned about the amount of paper that would be used for the wedding stationery, there is an excellent solution – seed paper wedding invitations! This will give you a satisfaction that you are doing something for our dear environment. And really, plantable wedding invitations is today’s utmost popular and equally practicable new mantra, because after your special day, your invitations won’t lie in your buddies’ trash cans, but will bloom into greenery and flowers! This means they won’t eat up trees, but will give rise to new trees, and you won’t harm but will help environment. Advanced technology paired with creativity offer high-quality, elegant wedding stationery which is more environment friendly.

Plantable Paper Invitations

Wedding stationery embedded with planting seeds is popular not only because of its practicality, but also due to its symbolism of growing love. Guests can plant them rather than discarding them, water them, and watch them grow into a garden of wildflowers or herbs.

You can choose to have seeds of flowers like Bird’s Eye, English daisy, Snap Dragon, Sweet Alyssum, Clarkia, Catchfly and Black-eyed Susan, herbs like basil, thyme and drill, and even vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and carrots embedded in your wedding invitations to offer your guests a beautiful and colorful garden, after your special day.

While the idea of plantable invitations is very attractive, it should be remembered that these invitations are typically costlier and have limited printing options. Finding other ways to cut down costs on wedding paper and printing can make this alternative easier to afford.

Recycled Paper

Using recycled paper is the commonest solution for more sustainable wedding stationery. Recycled paper may be taken from newspaper, junk mail and other paper products thrown away for curbside or office recycling. The more the wedding stationery uses recycled material, the fewer will be the trees needed to create it. 60% of recycled paper in wedding stationery uses 40% virgin tree fibers, while 100% recycled paper consumes 0% trees.  Quality of recycled paper is variable, so it is better to check samples first.

Other Fibers

If you wish, your wedding invitations won’t come from trees at all. For example, the fibers from fast-growing plants like bamboo, sugarcane and hemp require minimal processing and provide high-quality, elegant and usually compostable paper option for weddings.

No Chemicals to be Used

You can easily opt for wedding stationery free from acids, metallic-based inks and chlorine bleach, and help to avoid dangerous chemicals commonly associated with conventional papermaking and printing. Wedding stationery which is unbleached or whitened without using chlorine can be easily obtained. Such paper is labeled as PCF – Processed Chlorine Free, or TCF – Totally Chlorine Free.

Processes and chemicals like several types of UV coating, laminate, varnish or metallic ink may make the paper unrecyclable and a health hazard for the printing press workers. Therefore wedding stationery either uncoated or coated with “aqueous” (water-based) coatings are more preferable.  

Plant-based inks like soy are chemical-free and can be easily recycled. They are widely offered for wedding stationery and are a much safer alternative to petroleum-based and metallic-based inks.

If you opt for such eco-friendly options for your wedding stationery, your big day will be alive for years in form of colors of Nature, and won’t just be a memory.

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