Look Fabulous on Your Big Day with Jewelry Matching with Your Bridal Gown

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Purple heart earringsWhat matters the most for a bride is her looks. Therefore she chooses her bridal gown and jewelry and accessories with utmost care. But often brides are confused about which type of jewelry to choose that will match with their bridal gown. So, here we are giving some tips from professional fashion designers about choosing jewelry that will match perfectly with the type of bridal gown you have chosen. Here we also take pride in presenting a fantastic collection by www.finishing-touch.co who are on their way to become one of the leading online jewelry retailers in the UK.

If Your Bridal Gown is Vintage, Ivory, Antique, Lace…

Vintage theme of wedding will never be stale. If you have adopted this forever fresh theme, you might wear a vintage gown in ivory color with lace, and in that case, you should choose pearl jewelry or any other jewelry which is more on a subdued side. Pearl jewelry even looks great on brides with blonde hair. This type of jewelry is perfect when you want to wear an antique look. Finishing-Touch.co has an extensive array of antique jewelry. Take a look at these wonderful pearl earrings, for example!

freshwater pearl studs

double pearl earrings

If Your Bridal Gown is Mermaid-style, Embellished, Glamorous…

If you have chosen a fully glamorous gown, you have an unending choice of sparkling pieces! The shiny accessories will accentuate the beauty of your figure-hugging gown. Choose from amongst a variety of crystals, diamonds, or any precious stones. Finishing-Touch.co has no scarcity of sparkly jewelry too.

love drop earringsPurple Heart Earrings

If Your Bridal Gown is Strapless…

A strapless bridal gown can give you a great opportunity to wear literally any type of necklace, such as a choker, a simple pendant, single- or double-stranded, or a y-drop necklace. As a general rule of thumb, you have to keep its length at least 1 inch above your dress’s neckline. If your strapless dress has quite intricate details, you can skip a necklace altogether and sport big chandelier earrings and bracelet instead, and you will make a statement!

Take a look at these lovely necklaces by Finishing-Touch.co.

love pendant

tear drop pendant

And these are some wonderful earrings…

cascading crystal earringscascading hearts earrings

And these are some mind-blowing combos of necklaces, earrings and bracelets… Enjoy!

deluxe full setelegant swanpurple heart bracelet

tennis heart bracelet

Finishing-Touch.co hand pick jewelry from across the world from only the best suppliers for you. What is the most wonderful thing about them is they keep their range always updated; therefore it is fresh, dynamic and passionate. Their staff is a strong believer of customer satisfaction and is so prompt in delivery that if you order before 3 pm they deliver your order on the same day.

So, hopefully you are now not confused about how to accessorize yourself on your big day, and will choose jewelry that will make you look fabulous with a perfect matching of bridal gown and jewelry.