Look the Most Fabulous on Your Big Day with Diamonds at a Fraction of the Price

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Diamond Veneer ringYour big day! The most desirable day of your life! Like any other girl in this world, you want to look your best on this special day. Since you became a lassie, you dreamed about walking on the aisle in pure white bridal gown with a graceful long train spread behind you and stunning diamond necklace, earrings and bracelet, while your dream man staring at you with appreciation and love, at the other end! But alas, when the day actually arrived, you bumped into the ruthless reality of limited budget! While a stunning gown is possible anyhow, diamond jewelry seems quite an unachievable affair? Who told you? Even diamond jewelry is possible! How? Just take a look at the simulated diamonds by Diamond Veneer, and you will understand what I am trying to say!

Simulated Diamonds by Diamond Veneer

Diamond Veneer is a company based in Los Angeles which produces the best simulated diamonds in the world. The same grace, beauty and sparkle are guaranteed on your wedding with the simulated diamond jewelry by Diamond Veneer which you would get from real diamonds. Moreover, you can get a mind-blowing variety of designs you could hardly imagine. Thus Diamond Veneer provide the look and feel of real diamonds at the fraction of the cost, making a dream come true that you have always seen about your wedding.

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How is it Achieved?

You might be wondering how this is possible and whether is it possible in the first place. Well, after looking at some of their images in this article and a lot more on their website, you will realize that it is indeed possible. As far as how they make this possible, let me tell you.

Diamond Veneer has introduced an innovative technology with which they treat Cubic Zirconia with a carbon diamond particle veneer. The veneer is crystallized around the entire stone which results in a flawless “G” color – representing the “near colorless” shade – on the diamond color scale. The stone which undergoes this vaporization process under the extreme conditions of heat and pressure gets a significantly (five times) increased refraction, fire and durability, almost equal to a real diamond, but at a much lesser price.

Diamond Veneer earrings

Here it would be interesting to take a look at diamond color grading process, because since I said that Diamond Veneer stones achieve “G” color, you might think that it is much further on the color scale. But that’s not the case, because the color scale starts from “D”. So, you can rest assured that “G” is a much higher color grade, because the less color, the higher is the diamond’s value. So, your CZ will look exactly like a real, expensive diamond which you would get at a much, much less price!

Why Diamond Veneer?

If you can buy jewelry which offers you the same glitter, fire and beauty as that of real diamond jewelry, but at a fraction of the price, why to splurge on real diamonds? The cost of Diamond Veneer jewelry is kept well in-check because they only set their stones from 3 mm and up.

These diamond simulants are appropriate for not only weddings but also for an evening party, events like birthdays and anniversaries, a fun night out and even in travel. Just check out their simulated diamond rings, diamond simulant earrings & moissanite pendants and you are going to fall in love with them.

Diamond Veneer ring

You never have to have guilt in your mind regarding how the diamonds might have been sourced. Diamond cubic zirconia is entirely made in laboratory and hence involves neither human exploitation, nor environmental damage. Even the Diamond Veneer Coating Process is an eco-friendly green process which doesn’t involve any harsh chemicals or radiation.

Countless Happy Customers

On DiamondVeneer.com you will get a chance to watch videos and read testimonials of countless happy customers of Diamond Veneer who include many celebrities too. Women love to wear the exclusive and exquisite products of Diamond Veneer because they feel and look great wearing them. Just browse through their range of affordable rings, pendants and earrings, and you will realize how much you can enjoy flaunting them.

Take a look at this video of Diamond Veneer being featured on ABC’s “The View: Must Have Monday”

Attractive Offers

Besides offering stones exactly simulating real diamonds at much less cost, Diamond Veneer has several attractive offers for their customers.

Through their discount coupons, you can get a straight 50% off on any purchase! Use Discount Code “TV” on checkout.

What’s more, there are lots of discounts on a variety of jewelry like simulated diamond wedding rings, pendants and more, ranging from 65% to 67%.

Business Opportunities

Diamond Veneer have some attractive business opportunities for their customers so that their customers can make huge money. Diamond Veneer is going to revolutionize the way Cubic Zirconia is looked at and will definitely render them obsolete. Thus Diamond Veneer is soon going to become an iconic term to define the innovative technique of turning CZs into real-looking diamonds, and so, the company has a bright future.

Become Diamond Veneer Dealer: You can receive a $50 Restaurant Dining Certificate as a “Thank You” gift by becoming an Authorized Diamond Veneer Dealer. So, after celebrating a fabulous wedding party wearing the dazzling Diamond Veneer jewelry, you can also start a profitable business that you would love. Selling imitation diamonds and simulated diamond loose stones and jewelry that are exact lookalikes of diamonds is a pleasure, which will give you an extra income; who doesn’t want extra money?

Affiliate Program: Through the affiliate program of Diamond Veneer, you can earn 15% commission on each sale and every possible help, such as text links, creative banners and more. Joining them as affiliates is super easy and free.

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Don’t miss these exquisite jewelry shows where Diamond Veneer will make their graceful presence.

  • Las Vegas – The Venetian Sands Expo: From 17th to 19th August, 2015 on Booth 1444
  • JIS Miami Beach Jewelry Show: From 15th to 18th October 2015 on Booth 161

Watch their video channel to get their latest news.

Download the Diamond Veneer App too available on both – Google Play and iTunes.

So, if you have dreamed about wearing diamond jewelry on your big day, your dream is going to come true, and you will be the most fabulous bride!

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