Looking Your Best on Your Wedding Day

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looking ur bestLooking the best on her wedding day is the dream of every bride. Wearing a makeup for your big day should be done on your own, only if you are a professional wedding makeup artist yourself, and know every makeup trick and also your skin. If you are not one, it is better to hire a wedding makeup artist who knows how to make you look fabulous. A professional makeup artist has much more experience than you and has all the things required to highlight your pluses and hide the minuses. Still you, on your own, can do many things to get the best looks.

Finding a Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist

Do you remember someone amongst your friends, relatives or others who looked great on her wedding day? If yes, contact her and ask whose makeup service she used. Here you have a live proof of the makeup artist’s talent and ability. If you don’t remember such a remarkable name, contact your wedding venue operator, who often has a list of wedding vendors. Of course, you can search online too.

If you want to go for a soft natural-looking makeup, avoid a MUA whose portfolio shows bright lips and smoky dark eyes. If you decide to hire a certain MUA, take lots of photographs along with you from magazines and internet, the looks of which you love and want on your wedding day, when you would meet the MUA.

Choosing Your Bridal Look

If your wedding gown is soft, a heavy makeup won’t go with it. Even though you like a bright makeup, you will have to soften it a bit so as to match your gown. Similarly, if you have chosen a soft, loose, boho hairstyle, your makeup should be dewy soft. Here too bridal magazines and internet can help to inspire you. Look keenly at the photos which are the most beautiful and find out the style of makeup they have worn.


If your skin is flawless, makeup spreads evenly and easily on it and you need less makeup to look beautiful. The more blemishes on your skin, the more makeup will you need to hide them, and heavy makeup looks “not good”. So, start taking care of your skin long before your wedding day, so that till the wedding day arrives, you will have a perfect skin. Eat healthy (fresh vegetables, salads, fruits, meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc), take plenty of rest, exercise a lot to keep your body bouncing healthy and active, and keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate water. If your skin is very dry, apply a moisturizer. Even a small amount of eye cream and lip balm is fine.

Wedding and Reception

Proficient wedding makeup artists advise their brides to have some makeup items handy. These include:

Press Powder: Press powder is your friend in need, especially during photo sessions. It removes extra oil from your T-zone that may show up in the photos.

Lipstick and Gloss: Lipstick is bound to fade out after you eat, drink and kiss! So, lipstick and gloss are necessary. Give a quick touchup before every photo.

Cotton Buds and Tissues: These are helpful in wiping the area around your eyes and nose (during emotional moments).

Blusher: Even a blusher can be kept handy, particularly at the time of reception. As the party will have a darker light, you can apply the blusher even more if you want.

makeup touchup for photos

Looking your best on your wedding day can thus be pretty easy, if done by professional hands and also using your own common sense. That will make your photos look fabulous enough to make you proud of them.