Luxury Wedding Planner Making Your Big Day the Most Memorable

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Arabian Nights dancefloorHave you heard of and are dreaming of a luxury wedding? For those brides who don’t know about them, here is some description. A luxury wedding is at least a six-figure event that takes pride in having glossy-magazine-style dresses, location, decoration, food and other details. The designer gowns of bride and bridesmaids will be full of drama, the gourmet menu will be personally designed by your favorite chef and show tunes of Bono may just be belting out! You might wonder if you too can hold such a luxury wedding. As such there are several luxury wedding venues in London; but are they in the reach of laypeople? Let’s see.

What is the Difference Between a Luxury Wedding and a Traditional One?

The largest difference between these two types of wedding is obviously the budget. A couple that finds no necessity of brand-name recognition or A-list guests, won’t find much difference with luxury items. But for a couple that has a higher tax bracket and society ties, the beauty created with luxurious wedding details cannot be missed. A luxury wedding will have a noticeable air of classiness and depending upon your personality as a couple, luxury just may be your style. In that you are by all means allowed to break the bank and enjoy an actually breathtaking affair.

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Thus with a higher budget allotted, a luxury wedding will include all the elements of a traditional wedding, and will additionally have a range of other components which may include dress change, draping, live music, lighting and more.

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What Does a Luxury Wedding Planner Do?

A luxury wedding is not all about money. It is the experience that lets it stand out. A luxury wedding planner may take from 600 to 1,000 hours to plan the wedding. Your experience starts with that first email or phone call to your wedding planner and goes on with every interaction. It’s an exciting experience and is helmed by your planner who listens to you and cares for you as if the only couple left in the world is you! S/He makes you feel safe enough to describe all your ideas and has the best team to execute them.

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Your guests will be impressed with the keen attention to details as well as a feeling of “what’s next?” that automatically arises with every coming surprise that is pleasant and may include a dress change, a tuxedo change and even a “set” change!

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While a bride looking forward to a traditional wedding may want to cut costs first on flowers, a bride celebrating a luxury wedding will want to utilize the power of flowers to create a stunning space, by not limiting to aisle baskets, over-the-top centerpieces and bouquets, but by allowing the planner to create her own indoor garden! Thus you can expect the blank slate of your venue to become a movie set overnight with the creative eye of a luxury wedding planner.

Similarly top-of-the-line lighting and linens will be used to create a truly fairytale wedding for you, like an Arabian Nights wedding or Cinderella’s wedding, and so on.Arabian Nights dancefloor are luxury wedding planners London who can organize traditional weddings too equally efficiently and with the same special treatment they give to luxury wedding couples. They offer exclusive wedding planning services to offer you a seamless experience and make your big day the most memorable. Take a look at the amazing pictures in this article which are their creations and you can see many more on their website.

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