Make a Statement on Your Big Day with a Perfect Wedding Garter

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flower garter by MRBBridalGarters are inevitably associated with weddings. This is perhaps because wedding garters are the most popular among garters and the tradition of garter toss is age old. Garters come in various sizes, colors, fashions and patterns, and can form a sexy component of the lingerie ensemble of a bride where they do their job perfectly of holding thigh high stockings in place. They can be worn on bachelorette parties or any other celebration. If you want to see how varied a bridal garter can be, take a look at the Etsy shop of MRBBridal. Here are some types of garters which you will surely wish to own.

Types of Garters

Basically, the construction of all garters is the same: they are made of an elastic band that fits on thigh for embellishment purpose. Decoration can be done with ribbons, rhinestones, lace, flowers, charms and various other attractive items. They can also be embroidered with initials, names or dates. There is a range available of white garters, but if you want you can also get a variety of colors in them, from hot pink to blue, and patterns from zebra to camouflage.

navy blue garter with rhinestone by MRBBridal


Traditionally garters used to be one-size-fits-all. But lately adjustable garters are also available. There may be a ribbon running thought the garter with which you can tighten it, or buttons or other types of securing systems that are hidden. This type of garters is very comfortable especially when they are to be worn for several hours.


You can get embellished garters of any types like crystal, rhinestones, and even dangling charms. There may be even your names and date of wedding on the garters and even lace or feathers. In embellished garters, sky is the limit for creativity! You will realize it by looking at the fabulous wedding garters created by MRBBridal some of which have been shown in this article because I cannot resist the temptation of showing them.

pink rhinestone garter by MRBBridal


A ribbon garter is slenderer than a traditional wide garter. It is made from a ribbon and then embellished with lace or bows. The ribbons can be of various types like satin, velvet or grosgrain, and are beautifully feminine to look at.


Garters that are worn for bachelorette parties can be worn outside of outfits and are meant just for fun; so there are countless possibilities of embellishments. Maids of honor and bridesmaids can also wear these garters.

purple rhinestone garter by MRBBridal

Garter Sets

Bridal garter sets are available with the main keepsake garter, together with a matching smaller garter for tossing. If you buy this set, you don’t have to buy another garter for the wedding day. The tossing garter will be of same color as the main garter, but will have less amount of lace and fewer ribbons than the main garter. The larger garter will be kept by the bride as a bridal keepsake. Take a look at Lace Garter Set Quality US Hand Made by MRBBridal too.

flower garter by MRBBridal

Choose a garter from a wide array available and make a statement in bachelorette parties and on your big day.