Make Wedding Planning Easy with Starbucks Drinks

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Starbucks International menu

If your big day is around the corner, and you’re wondering how to plan it, here’s a method you definitely don’t know so far! It’s the Starbucks Method of wedding planning!

Well, if you’re a Starbucks fan, you’re going to love it, so, let’s know more about it.


Among the Starbucks International menu, Venti is the largest size Starbucks drink you can order besides catering sizes. Well, it’s the acronym of Venue, Entertainment, Nom-noms (food and drink), Talent (photographyer/videographer/hair/makeup), Invitations! So, you can see that all the essential things for a perfect wedding are covered by that word. You’re going to spend most o f your time researching these items to know what best fits the plan of your wedding.

Once you make up your mind on what venue, talent or caterer you need, book it without any delay!

Chances are that other would-be couples also are looking for these wedding vendors and you don’t want to choose your second preferences just because you delayed the booking!


The next smaller size in Starbucks world menu is “Grande”.

In this wedding planning category, there are things that are also important for your big day, but are less time-sensitive.

This is the acronym of Gift Registry, Rain Plan, Attire, Nuptials, Décor, Event Transportation.

So, Register early! You may even have your hands on some pre-wedding gifts due to this!

Next, if you’re going for an outdoor wedding, you must have a rain plan!

Then, your bridal gown will likely be one of the most prior things to purchase, but keep in mind your wedding party, particularly the boys, as they’re known to keep things incomplete up to the last minute.

Next, book your officiant and make sure your wedding ceremony is carried out as per your own style and beliefs.

The kind of décor will largely depend on your budget, venue and personal preference.

When it comes to wedding transportation, you’ll need it if you have several venues and need to take your guests there.

Starbucks world menu


Everyone agrees that this is the most misleading name Starbucks has for its drink sizes as a Tall coffee isn’t very tall.

But now you’ve covered almost everything on your wedding planning. Still, a few small things need your attention – they’re represented by TALL.

Thanking Guests

Make sure your guests know how much you loved their presence on your big day. This can be done through awesome wedding favors or a grand party on a weekend, just for your guests!

Alleviate Stress

Though this has been considered in the last list, it’s one of the most important things. You need to be stress-free on your special day and hence, do whatever you can to alleviate stress. Take help of your friends and family for last-minute tasks, pamper yourself and so on.

Leaving the Reception

Plan how you’d leave your wedding. Will you stay back until the last second to help with clean up? Or you find the idea of a sparkler send-off fascinating? Also, will you drive off in a car, limousine or a horse-drawn carriage?

Keep Your Guests Posted

Keep updating your guests about everything that’s happening during your wedding weekend. They’ll appreciate that. You can do it through SMSs, or notifications on your wedding website.

This will rid you from being glued to your phone on your special day answering the same questions by your guests, time and again.

Hope these Starbucks steps will make your wedding planning smooth. Happy wedding!