Make Your Presence Grand with a Striking Red Dress in a Singaporean Wedding

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net dressThe Western tradition of white bridal dresses arrived in Singapore just recently. But the traditional Singaporean (rather Chinese) bridal dress is beautiful bright red and is called qun kua, popularly known as just kua. It symbolizes good fortune and joy for the auspicious ceremony. These days the traditional red dresses are making an entry again in Singapore weddings.

Red – the Favorite of Singapore

Red is the favorite color of Singaporeans, especially Chinese people. Wearing red clothes on any festival or religious ceremony is considered to be lucky.

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Qun Kua – the Bridal Dress

Qun Kua is a special bridal dress made of a two-piece skirt and jacket with heavy embroidery of phoenixes and dragons representing the bride and groom respectively.

If You are the Bride…

If you are the bride and plan to wear Qun Kua for your big day, consider the following things:

The Fit: If you want your Kua to be perfect, ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose. It should be a little tapered so as to accentuate the waistline. If you want it loose-fitting, make sure that you choose the right undergarment so as to accentuate your figure. Keep away from stick-on and strapless bra which doesn’t provide adequate support. The sleeves of Kua should be three inches up your wrists.

Quality: Kua is indeed an art masterpiece. While checking the quality, check the embroidery; the phoenixes and dragons should be hand-embroidered and look real. The patterns of beads too should be intact and well-finished. A regular Kua takes at least a couple of months to be made, while a more sophisticated one might take even six months.

Hair and Accessories: Prefer wearing an updo so as to accentuate the slenderness of neckline. A Kua is so heavily embroidered with beads and golden threads that actually any additional jewelry is not required. However earrings and bangles go well with a Kua. Regarding shoes, red, cream or champagne colored heels look best with this striking red dress. You can also choose to wear the traditional embroidered shoes.

If You are Not the Bride…

If you are not a bride, but are a close friend or amongst such important attendees of the wedding as bridesmaids, you cannot wear the traditional Qun Kua, but you can wear a red dress, by all means. Take a look at the MSSEP red dress Singapore. They are all chic and ravishing! And they are of varied types – there is the striking little red dress you can wear for cocktails, or a lace dress or a net dress or even a maxi dress which are perfect for an event like wedding. MSSEP has red dresses in an extensive range for Singaporean girls. Take a look at some of them here and many more on their website. Pick up your favorite and make a grand presence in the event!
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