Make Your Wedding Memorable – Hire a Magician

Posted by on Nov 8, 2014 in Wedding tips |

nick crown magicianWhy do people love weddings? Obviously, because of its symbolism – the celebration of love, but there is more to it. We love weddings because it is always nice to be surrounded by smiling, happy people having fun. But, without proper wedding entertainment, it’s quite hard to set up the right mood on your big day. For that reasons, couples look for the best wedding music that can find (and/or afford). However, your wedding reception is actually the event for over the top details, therefore we would like to recommend hiring a wedding magician to make your lovely party even more entertaining and memorable!

Couples are looking for fresh ideas to make their big day stand out from the crowd. A table or close up magician is a unique form of wedding entertainment. The bride and the groom will probably be occupied for a couple of hours during the photo session and that’s the perfect moment when it’s good to put your guests in good (and entertaining) hands. This is where a wedding magician can step in both to add that extra dimension to the overall wedding experience and to give a wedding couple a peace of mind knowing that their guests are being entertained. A good magician will relax the crowd and make them enjoy themselves at a wedding party even more.

But, how to be sure you have found the right magician for your big day? The last thing any couple wants is a scruffy amateur showing a few tricks your grandpa once taught them. It’s important to hire a skilled professional with fun personality. If you are planning a wedding in UK, we would like to recommend Nick Crown – incredible wedding magician and mind reader! Take a look at Nick’s website at for more information about his brilliant career.