Make Your Wedding Memorable with Pure, Handcrafted Soap Party Favors

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seashell soapsWhen your big day is around the corner and you have made all the preparations for it, you may forget a small but essential thing – party favors! Or even if you may not have forgotten them, you may be wondering what to choose as your party favors. I tell you, nothing amazes me more as favors than soaps. I am not talking about the branded soaps manufactured by big companies; I like those simple, hand-crafted soaps that give you a feeling of purity, freshness, rusticity and beauty! I recently came across the Amy Bubbling Boutique where there are a variety of such soaps handcrafted by Amy and her assistants that are just appropriate as wedding favors, bridal shower favors, bachelorette party favors and many more. So, I want to tell you more about them.

What is the Specialty of Handmade Soaps?

High quality handmade soaps are very gentle on our skin. They are hardly allergic on a sensitive skin because they contain all natural ingredients. They mainly contain vegetable oils as their base. These include coconut oil, soybean oil, olive oil, palm oil, sunflower oil and more. Especially coconut oil and olive oil are considered to be the best for skin because they are great moisturizers, and don’t interfere with the normal functions of skin.

In handmade soaps, there is no artificial hardener unlike commercial branded soaps; they are full of vegetable glycerin and are in their most natural state. So, they can quickly turn soft and mushy if left all wet or in a puddle of water. Here you have to take a precaution to attach a chit to the soap packing or inform your guests in some other nice way to leave the soap in a dry tray after every use to retain its best shape and enjoy it for longer.

Eiffel Tower

Another nice thing about handcrafted soaps is they can be personalized. When your guests will have a personalized beautiful handmade soap, they will remember you and thank you for such a wonderful favor. At Amy Bubbling Boutique, you can get your favors personalized in your choice of colors and fonts and impress your guests.

You can also choose fragrances and colors of your choice to make the gifts more personal that will reflect your personality.

Choose Favors According to Your Theme

It is a beauty of the products you will find on Amy Bubbling Boutique that they are themed products. So, whatever is the theme of your party, you can choose favors accordingly. Here are some attractive themes that your guests too will love.

fish soaps

Nautical/Marine/Beach/Caribbean Theme:

Amy Bubbling Boutique has lots of soaps themed on ocean, beach and fish.

Seashell: These attractively made soaps are available in mind-blowing colors and fragrances including turquoise blue color and the exotic ocean rain scent. If you want, they also add glitter to these soaps for free. These soaps are ideal party favors if you have arranged a beach/Caribbean-themed wedding.

seashell soaps

Tropical Fish: These transparent pure tropical fish-shaped soaps will appeal your guests and they will certainly admire your creativity and high choice. They come in a variety of colors and scents, the most popular being turquoise blue color and coconut scent.

Fish: These cute little fish soaps will add a unique charm to your party as your guests will admire them a lot.

Starfish: Starfish is a marine animal typically symbolizing and reminding the sea or a beach and its shape is adorable. Pure, transparent soaps in the shape of starfish are amazing party favors.



What else can be a more appropriate wedding theme than “love” or “heart”? Amy Bubbling Boutique presents a range of party favor soaps based on this theme. Here are some.

Heart with a Rose: A rose is a symbol of love and beauty and when combined with a heart, it becomes a perfect wedding party favor! These pure soaps are heart-shaped and have a long stem rose beautifully carved on them.

Bride-and-Groom: These cute bride-and-groom shaped soaps will definitely appeal your guests and will remind your big day to them. Among the various colors and scents available the most popular are ivory color and vanilla scent.

bride and groom

Winter Theme:

If you are having your wedding in winter and have also chosen a winter theme, here are winter-themed party favors for you.

Snow-flakes: Snow-flake-shaped soaps are perfect to denote winter and will be admired by your guests. The most sought after color is white and the most popular scent is peppermint. If you add glitter to them which is free, they will look even more stunning.


French and Paris Theme:

France and Paris is a dreamland for romance, love, beauty and luxury. Why not arrange a French or Paris themed party for your wedding? Your creativity has an enormous scope to make your French-themed party a success. And to spice it up even more,  Amy’s French- and Paris-themed soaps are always there for you.

Eiffel Tower: The emblem of Paris and France, Eiffel Tower, looks cute in this colorful and scented replica in soap form! Your guests will get a feeling of being near this world-famous Wonder of the World!

Fleur De Lis: Spice up your French-themed party with these cute, colorful, fresh and pure Fleur De Lis soaps. You can choose colors and scents including the much-loved hot pink color and a love spell scent.

fleur di lis


Amy Bubbling Boutique also offers soft, shiny, beautiful satin ribbon sashes for wedding parties, bridal showers, hen party and more. They are available in amazing colors with superbly matching inks, with creative wordings. You can also add images.

turquoise sash with silver font

All these beautiful soaps have a one-year shelf life. They are handcrafted by Amy or her assistants. You can choose color, scent and packing, and can also get the glitter added for an extra glamour. They are delivered to you in a cello bag to preserve their freshness and scent. You can get them personalized also with beautiful personalized ribbons.

So, if you are in search of perfect wedding favors, visit Amy Bubbling Boutique to get a wonderful range of them. They will make your event memorable for a long, long time with beauty, purity, colors and fragrances!

tropical fish