More Ways to Entertain Your Guest

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Wedding tips |

Wedding days are joyful and emotional events, but they shouldn’t be boring. When you bring your family and friends together to celebrate you have found your perfect match, you should entertain your guests! Do all you can to provide them tasty meals, pleasant surrounding and to make them comfortable to hit the dance floor. They will remember your special day as fun, entertaining and exciting. Besides the meal and good music, you can offer them even more entertainment. We will try to share some wedding entertaining ideas with you.

Take your guests for a ride! If your reception and ceremony sites are on two locations, you could hire a local company to take your guests on a brief tourist ride. Trolly or a ferry are always nice way to give your guests an impromptu tour as you joyride between the two events.

Hire a belly dancer or some exotic performers! Sevdha Devi is a highly energetic, innovative, expressive and young entertainer famous for her belly dancing than uniquely incorporates different influences, such as Jazz, Japanese, Indian, sword balancing fire etc. Sevdha is an internationally-acclaimed performer and artist and if you look for more information, check out her website: Award-winning Bollywood and belly dance entertainment by Sevdha is a nice and fun entertainment idea for any wedding.

Game night theme is not an option for formal, big weddings, but if have more casual wedding reception, you could go for a vintage theme. Who could resist a round or two of their favorite games? Put a different game on each table, go for more simple favorites such as Checkers, Sorry!, Scrabble etc. To remind your guests how to play, you should post simple step-by-step instructions. Think about the children! Weddings can be quite boring for the kids and if they a not entertained, their parents will also be too annoyed to enjoy your big day. Game night theme is great way to entertain both the grown ups and the kids. Also, you can use starfield simulation light, the DIY star projector that projects map of the heavens onto the ceiling and walls of your wedding reception site. Children can watch thousands of stars in random order, play with the projector and learn something useful about the world around. At least, they will leave their parents enjoy your wedding party.

Even if these ideas were not your cup of tea, we are sure we have given you the idea how to think about entertaining your guests. Be open-minded and you will make everyone remember your big day, in a really good and fun way!