Natural Coloured Contact Lenses for Bridal Wear

Posted by on Jun 28, 2013 in Wedding tips |

colored contac lensesYour big day is around the corner and along with other worries, a major worry is troubling you and it is your glasses! Whether to wear them or not! Well, if you are a hardcore myopic and wear them always, you ought to wear them on your wedding too, because without them you may miss all the big smiles! But you don’t like to wear them when you are in a wonderful ensemble of your superb gown, a long flowing train, a shining brooch, a starry hairstyle, etc etc. But now there is no worry, because you have the option of color contact lenses!

If you don’t want to wear glasses, but also cannot afford to miss actually viewing the fun of the day, you can opt for bridal contact lenses. And there are high chances that once you choose them, you will discard your glasses forever.

If you have not used contact lenses before but want to wear them on the wedding day, take an appointment of the optician well before the day, i.e. some weeks or even months, so that you  can get a good practice of wearing them. This will let you know whether they have any adverse effects on your eyes or other activities.

When you visit the optician s/he will present many options of bridal color contacts to you. Take his or her advice first regarding which among them will suit you the best.

You will be amazed to know that depending on your prescription, you can also get eye correction. This technique allows you to wear contact lenses when you sleep during which the special contact lenses change your cornea’s shape gently and when you wake up, you have natural vision all through the day!

But whether you want this or not, the other option of bridal color contacts is always open for you. With this option, you can either keep the natural color of your eyes or can change it totally to add a difference to your personality on your big day!