Offbeat Bridal Dresses in Colors other than the standard White or Ivory

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colorful wedding gownIs white necessary for a bride? Experts and fashion designers say, “No”! Rather, most of today’s brides dream of a non-white wedding. Remember Sarah Jessica Parker wearing black Morgane Le Fay gown for her 1997 nuptial to Matthew Broderick? And Gwen Stefani donning cotton-candy white and pink ombre Dior dress for her wedding to Gavin Rossdale in 2002? Colorful bridal dresses is the latest bridal trend and every bride looking forward to fantastic and off-beat wedding can consider to wear a bridal dress of color other than the standard white or ivory. Let us see some such fabulous wedding gowns.

Look at this bright red gown from Vera Wang, with full skirt and details. Is it any less graceful than a white wedding gown?

red gown

Blue is always soothing! This is the color of skies and oceans! Glittery details on a blue wedding gown look just superb. If you are in love with blue like me, you will choose this gown!

blue gown

And this is a ravishing rosybrown wedding dress. Who says brown is dull?

brown gown

Purple is equally pleasant as blue. This beautiful purple wedding gown with a silver studded waistband is a superb offbeat wedding gown.

purple gown

A color in the range of red and blue, but it neither has the dazzle of red and submissiveness of blue, is maroon. Maroon wedding gown has the grace of a queen and charm of a blushing bride!

maroon gown

And nowadays even black is not a taboo for a wedding gown. Black looks fabulous on a bride! See this for example.

black gown