Offer a Melodious Background to All Parts of Your Wedding and Make it Exciting

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Soul Desire the bandMusic has a big role to play in any wedding. If you are wondering what type of music to choose for your big day, keep in mind that there are multiple decisions to make. There are options for you such as live wedding band, DJ or your own iPod. Here are tips to help you out with categories of wedding music you should consider.



Processional music accompanies you while walking down the aisle. You will have to choose a song for the bridesmaids walking down the aisle and then a song for the bride’s entry. You of course have traditional options like “There is Love”, but you can also consider other classic options such as Prelude in C or something completely different for personalization. If you love the music of a song but not the lyrics, have its instrumental version for your big day and just the atmosphere for your day will be created as you want.




Recessional music is just the opposite of processional; it is played when you walk down the aisle, but the other direction. For your grand exit, you can choose something more cheery since you are now out of pressure of the ceremony. At a live wedding band like, you can get a chance to choose from a huge array of wedding songs.

Soul Desire the band

Cocktail Hour Music


If you have planned to arrange a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception, remember to have a playlist of songs ready to create the mood. Choose low-key music which should be warm. You don’t intend to bring anyone to dance yet, but you even don’t intend to put your guests to sleep.


Reception Entrance


Reception entrance music marks the entry of the newlyweds into the reception venue, often with the wedding party in tow. It must be celebratory. It offers a good opportunity to set the mood for the party. If you wish to first introduce your wedding party, a separate song for them will be required too.


First Dance


Most people have to struggle to find a perfect song for their first dance. If you don’t have a dream song yet, browse through the wide range of first dance songs and select the most perfect one.


Father-Daughter Dance


Traditionally the first dance is followed by the dance of bride and her father. There are many songs for this dance too, among which you can choose the best one for you.


Reception Music


The extent of control you want over your playlist decides whether you choose all, most or a few of your reception songs. Even if you offer your live band freedom, you may have a ‘Do Not Play’ list, i.e. songs which you don’t want to hear on your big day. Be prepared with the list of songs you want. Choosing a last song to close out the event is also a good idea.

Follow these tips and make your big day exciting by offering a melodious background to all its parts.