Palm Leaf Dinnerware – Perfect for an Environment Conscious Bride

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palm leaf dinnerwareIf you are an environment conscious bride and try to use eco-friendly products whenever possible, you would want to use eco-friendly dinnerware for your reception party. Palm leaf dinnerware is ideal for your reception party. It is absolutely convenient to use and you don’t have to feel guilty of damaging environment by using these plates and bowls. You will be amazed by eco friendly and compostable palm leaf plates. Their experts share with us valuable information on how these plates are made and how we can benefit from them.

How Palm Leaf Plates are Made?

The making of palm leaf plates and bowls is a simple, natural and renewable process.

  • For making palm leaf plates, sheaths discarded naturally from freshly fallen leaves of Adaka palms are collected. Leaves are never pulled off the tree, neither any trees are felled down. This is a non-timber resource. These palm trees shed their old leaves naturally.
  • Sheaths thus collected are washed to remove dirt stuck to them. Next it is hard washed in a mixture of turmeric and water. Lastly they are rinsed with plain water.
  • Cleaned in this way thoroughly, the leaves are then air dried naturally.
  • Upon drying, the sheaths are hand stretched and flattened. Then they are moulded into various shapes like round, square, hexagon etc. with the help of a heated press. Each leaf can give many pieces.
  • Finally these plates are sun-dried.

Benefits of Palm Leaf Plates

  • They come from renewable sources.
  • Making of palm leaf dinnerware doesn’t encourage deforestation or pollution, neither does it affect environment negatively.
  • The palm leaf plates are 100% biodegradable being absolutely natural and not containing any glazing, glue etc.
  • These plates are absolutely clean with no chemical cleanser used.
  • They have a special and beautiful look, soft color and texture, because of which eating in them is a pleasure.
  • As compared to other kinds of disposable dinnerware, palm leaf dinnerware is much more affordable.
  • You can wash and reuse palm leaf plates, unless you serve meat in them.
  • These plates don’t distort nor easily pierced unlike plastic plates. This makes them safer, stronger option for a party meal that contains many courses.
  • Once you use them, the palm leaf plates can be tossed into your home compost pit.

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