Perfect Gifts for Bride’s Parents

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Gift for MomThere is nothing like a gift from a happy, excited and grateful bride to her parents! It’s a gift to express her love and gratitude towards them because she is soon to leave their loving company to start her new life with her partner. It’s natural to be emotional for the brides and her parents on this occasion. If you are wondering how to express your sentiments in the best way in the form of an appropriate gift, here are some fantastic ideas from Karousel Weddings! These are fabulous handkerchiefs adorned with lace and other beautiful embellishments, and personalized with an emotional message, which is sure to express your true feelings.

This delicate handkerchief is an appropriate gift for the mother of the bride with a very beautiful personalize message printed on a floral backdrop. It comes in a shimmering envelop with a lock of a gleaming heart, expressing how important your mom is for you.

Gift for Mom

Fathers can’t cry! But that doesn’t mean that they don’t become emotional! Parting with his baby daughter moves a father too. Console your father with this hankie personalized with your message full of feelings expressing your love and gratitude – a perfect gift for the father of the bride!

Gift for Dad

Show both your parents your loving feelings with this pair of hankies in a sparkling gift envelope, with a lacy handkerchief for mom and a striped hankie for dad. Let them get a pleasant surprise together in the form of this pair of gifts full of love!

Gift for Mom and Dad

This is another beautiful design for a gift for mother of the bride – beautiful flowers and a loving message. This hankie too is adorned with delicate shiny lace and comes in a sparkling envelop.

Gift for Mom

All handkerchiefs at Karousel Weddings come in beautiful gleaming envelops and you can choose your very own personal message and design. What can be more appropriate gifts for your mom and dad than these? Choose from a variety of designs and enjoy the happiness in their eyes!