Perfect Poses for Wedding Photography

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perfect poses for wedding photosA bride is as keen about her wedding photos as she is about her gown, jewelry, makeup and shoes. And it’s natural – after all, she, with her most significant one and many others, is going to watch them for the coming years and should appreciate them. So, every wedding photo should be perfect. It also depends a lot on the wedding photographer who should be able to guide you and also make you feel comfortable. E.g. look at the superb photos taken by this wedding photographer in Atlanta which are examples of perfect wedding photos. But you too can do something on your part so that your wedding photos can be perfect. How? Let’s see.

A Slight Angle Works Perfect

Instead of posing straight to the camera, pose with a slight angle. Looking straight at the camera has nothing special in it; adding an angle offers a character to the photo. Also, the photos can be made distinct when you are photographed from a height. So tell your photographer to stand on a chair or stool and take some shots from there. Adding these angles has one more benefit – you look slimmer! If you are plus-sized, you should implement this tip.


A Hilarious Company

If you are feeling too nervous and are afraid of looking so in the photos, there is a good idea. Find some friends who are hilarious and can make you laugh. Make them stand near you, so that you won’t have to laugh unnaturally. Your laughs in the photos will look more spontaneous.

natural laugh

Look More Relaxed

Small things can make you look more relaxed in the photos, e.g. holding the bouquet. If you hold it in both the hands you will look more tense. Instead if you hold it in one hand and leave the other hand straight by you, it will look more natural and relaxed. Take a deep breath and convince yourself that you are looking good. Looking relaxed is key to natural-looking photos.

You Two

Photos of you and your groom are very special. And if they are shot in some natural setting, and only of you two, it’s awesome. Tell your photographer to give yourself some time with your groom, while she will take the shots of you two in a paparazzi style, which will look great – walking hand-in-hand, looking into each other’s eyes, you resting your head on his chest, and so many such photos can be taken, which will evoke real beautiful memories in the future.

You Two


No! By props I don’t mean fake mustaches and spects! A statue in the city plaza, a rowboat on a lake, an old fence – there can be so many. Photos taken with such monumental props are great.


Photos of Wedding Party

While taking the photos of your wedding party, choose a setting. While an ocean is always beautiful, a balcony of a hotel from which the party is peeking out is also nice.


Movement is always better than still poses, especially for the wedding party members. The wedding couple sitting in a moving car, or flower girls and ring bearers running after the bride and groom, e.g. denotes the excitement and charm of the event in an appropriate way.


Varying Heights

While taking a formal group photo of the family, instead of standing straight in a line, if you use the furniture available to make them sit, or stand on different heights, that creates more character in the photo. You can find many vintage chairs or sofas and couches for this purpose, which will work great.

Thus if you choose some poses for yourself and your groom and the wedding party after discussing with your wedding photographer, your photo session will be a fun and not a scary affair.