Personalized Filigree Items – Perfect Gifts for Bridesmaids

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Crystal Filigree White compactWhen you get engaged, the second most important thing for you to consider after your own bridal shopping is the shopping for your bridesmaids. They are your beloved siblings, cousins and/or friends and you obviously want to please them with something wonderful. I have such a wonderful suggestion for your bridesmaids’ gifts – it’s the absolutely delightful gifts adorned with filigree work!

What is Filigree?

Filigree is an extremely delicate and beautiful craft used to adorn jewelry and other objects. In this craft, threads of gold, silver or other metals are twisted and soldered to create intricate and delicate designs and patterns. Thus it resembles a graceful lacework in metal. Filigree is also done in granulated form in which small beads and globules of gold are also included in the design, which looks fabulous.

Personalized Filigree Gifts by Crystal Filigree

You will be delighted to see the range of gifts and favors at Crystal Filigree because they create personalized items like compacts, mirrors, pill boxes, purse hangers, and more. All these gifts are handmade and look exquisite because they are adorned with Swarovski crystals! Plus you can choose from more than 30 colors, and a range of gift wraps and ribbon colors! You can choose personalized bridesmaid gifts from these and your bridesmaids will be pleased.

Crystal Filigree personalized compacts

Take a look at their personalized bridesmaid compacts! They have two large mirrors each and their tops are embellished with a silver-plated filigree stamping and several Swarovski crystals placed by hand to create a lovely pattern. They can be personalized with the bridesmaids’ names, initials or a cute message like “I will love you forever”! They are sturdy enough for everyday use. These are only around 75mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness, so fold thin for easy storage in a purse. Every time when your dear friend will open this mirror, she will remember you and your wedding. And when people will praise the beautiful compact, your friend will feel proud. Indeed a beautiful young girl should use delicate, sophisticated and lovely items like these to add grace to their persona. You can get them packed in sturdy boxes and ribbon colors of your choice.

So, I think you have found just what you were looking for to give as your bridesmaid gifts. Visit Crystal Filigree and choose the extremely beautiful gifts of your choice and delight your bridesmaids!

Crystal Filigree White compact