Photo Booth – A Must Have Item in Your Wedding Checklist

Posted by on May 18, 2014 in Wedding tips |

photo boothYou are busy preparing for your big day and are wishing that every guest should remember your wedding because of your superb arrangements, creativity, thoughtfulness, etc, etc. But have you thought of a must-have item in your wedding checklist that might be missing? What is it? It is a photo booth! A photo booth has become an essential part of today’s events because of their tremendous potential of entertaining all types of crowds.

More Space to Enjoy

If you choose a studio style photo booth, the greatest facility you get is that of more space. You can also choose a traditional photo booth which offers a relatively smaller space, whereas a studio style photo booth offers you as much space as you want even 8’ x 10’! Open studio-style photo booth offers incredible benefits of more space, though its one downside is not all venues can accommodate it.

large group of people

But if your venue has an ability to handle that extra space, the first benefit you get is that of larger groups of people can enjoy the photos together. No more worries of being left out, standing in awkward positions to come in the camera, or getting faces half or fully cut! This certainly scores over posing before a photographer.

Scope for Creativity

Larger space offered by open studio style photo booth also offers another great advantage of increased scope for creativity. As more space is available, you and your guests can hop, jump, or do whatever you want to in front of the camera and still can be comfortably photographed.


Greater Quality

The more space also offers greater quality of photos because the light source can be kept a bit away from the side, which gives a nice and soft effect. And with a big light modifier 3D feel also can be created. The basic technique of getting high quality photos is to keep the main flash a bit off axis and this can be correctly achieved by the open studio-style photo booth.

Plus, with the extra space available, you can set up as many lights as you want to get fun and high quality images.

So, instead of posing before a photographer in some unnatural poses and with false smiles on your face, have full fun of photo sessions with a photo booth on your big day. Not only you, but all your guests will enjoy the event because of this one single entity – so make sure you include it essentially in your wedding checklist.