Planning Your Wedding on a Tiny Budget with Coupons, Discounts and Vouchers

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searsIf you are planning your wedding on a tiny budget, you might have got a lot of advices that range from a DIY wedding to second hand wedding stuff. Though these tips are sometimes helpful, you may be reluctant to do everything yourself when you are the celebrity of the day, and also use things used by others, or things like that. And here discounted wedding shopping steps in. You must be careful and alert and watch around for various discounts and coupons available. If you do that, you might get a lot of them, and your wedding expenses can come down to incredibly lower level. Let’s see various ways to save on a wedding through discounts, coupons, vouchers and so on.

Percentage Discounts on All Wedding Shopping

If you have cashback credit cards, you know that you get paid every time you spend on them. If you don’t have one, grab it. Next build a direct debit to pay off in full each month. So, that becomes free from interest. If you create a good credit score, some cards like American Express Everyday Platinum offers 5% cashback for 3 month to new cardholders, and 1.25% after 3 months. Thus, set up always a direct debit to pay off in full. With that you can avoid interest.

cashback on credit cards

Hidden Discounts on eBay and Amazon

Whether it is eBay or Amazon, if you dig out carefully, you can find hidden discounts on bridal, gowns, cake stands, champagne flutes, and more. Go through informative pages like eBay buying guides and Amazon discount finders and you can come across lots of hidden gems.

saving through wedding coupons

Find Coupons

You can get a great range of coupons on some websites like This is a great site where you can find quite a few different types of coupons some of which you can print and produce while ordering at shops in person, and some others you can just copy-paste in the online order of the supplier from whom you are ordering. This is quite easy – visit the online shop you want to make purchases, find a coupon on that matches your needs and use it when you checkout to get your discount.


There are various coupons at submitted by various sources like site users, newsletters, websites, affiliate networks, coupon feeds, Twitter, Facebook, and even directly from the stores. There is a huge list of stores on Sometimes even you can get some things you haven’t found on sites like eBay, Amazon or GumTree. So, better you search first on; you can get nearly everything needed for your big day at this one-stop portal with greatly reduced prices.


Clearance Sale

You should keep a keen eye on whether any online or offline bridal or any other store is offering a clearance sale. Every now and then, some or the other store has to clear out their stock which they offer at discounted price. You can get shoes, bridesmaids’ dresses, and even your bridal gown too at discounted price in such sales. Today, you need not drive miles to access an out-of-town outlet of a prestigious brand. You get them online via sites like eBay.

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Thus you can save through lots of means, provided you keep your eyes and ears open to them. In the hassle of the big day, it’s a bit difficult; but you can always try, try and you will succeed!