Plush Toys Themed Wedding – An Enjoyable Affair

Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Wedding tips |

If you want to have a themed wedding and looking for an outstanding theme, how about a plush toys theme? Nowadays, plush toys have not remained a topic for little ones. They are equally admired by grownups. If you have a plush toys wedding with objects like plush toys bouquets, teddy couple, rabbits, and many other stuff toys, everywhere, your guests will be pleased and will enjoy a lot.

Plush Toys Bouquets

You can have numerous types of plush toys bouquets like those of teddies, kitties, or many other cartoon characters which were and are favorite of yours. Instead of customary flower bouquets you can decorate your wedding venue with these cute and adorable plush toys bouquets. They look colorful and everyone likes to touch them to get their soft feel. They are not perishable and you can keep them for many, many days, after your wedding or gift them to your near and dear ones, especially to some babies. A wedding hall with plush toys bouquets everywhere looks equally beautiful as with floral bouquets.

Plus Toys Wedding Favors

You can also have your wedding favors in form of plush toys. Your guests will definitely like them. You can also incorporate the toys with a usable object like a key-chain or a purse, so that people can use them and remember you and your wedding for a long time. The plush toys you can gift as wedding favors should be tiny, so as to incorporate with some utility item. If you want, you can keep these items bigger too, but take care that the guests can take them home comfortably.

Gifts to Assistants

Your wedding takes place because of the assistance of many people, like best man, bridesmaid, flower girl, ring bearer, and so on. You can also gift plush toys to these people. Especially the flower girl will be very pleased with a gift of plush toys. Take care to arrange different plush toys gifts to the grownups, than that for the flower girl.

Thus, you can have an altogether new themed wedding in form of plush toys and have fun with your guests. These plush toys and their bouquets are made of eco-friendly materials and so, you don’t have to worry about their disposal. Moreover, as they are long-lasting, you can enjoy them for many, many days, as sweet memories of your big day.