Practical Tips for creating the Best Profile on a Matrimony Site

Posted by on Mar 16, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

MatrimonyAre you in search of a perfect life partner but not getting one? A matrimony site can be a good solution. However, the site should be reliable and reputable, so that you don’t have to face difficult situations or fall prey to a trap.

Once you find a good matrimony site, your next job is to find the partner of your choice. However, remember that your profile should be equally appealing so as to make your desired life partner attracted to you. Here are some useful points to help you create an awesome matrimonial profile.


The registration forms of most matrimony sites contain two parts – Personal Information and Partner Preference. While filling in your personal information, you should pay keen attention to the points because this information will play an important role in attracting the prospective bride/groom towards your profile and getting an interest from them. Remember not to include unnecessary things while filling in the partner preference part. Keep the following things in mind:

  • Try to be grammatically correct and precise while entering your personal information. Enter what the truth is. Don’t try to make the picture larger than life. Be honest and don’t give false information. Don’t try to oversell yourself by giving qualities which actually you don’t have.
  • Similar rules apply to your partner preferences too. Be grammatically correct and precise. Don’t include any unnecessary things.
  • Don’t give wrong information about your family’s financial and overall status and occupation. You should not feel ashamed of or uncomfortable while talking about your family. In fact, you should find a partner that will understand you and won’t ridicule you over your family.
  • Don’t give wrong information about your educational qualification as well as profession. Again you should not feel ashamed of what you are and how you earn your living. Your partner should empathize with you over these things as well.
  • While uploading your photo, upload your own photo and not your pet, some building or scenic view etc. The prospective brides/grooms are interested in watching who you are. Not finding your photo can be a disappointment for them. Also remember that the photo should be the latest and you should look just presentable in the photo and not like a film personality. You should be clean, with hair neatly done and neat clothes. Have a pleasant smile on the face and be confident. Don’t assume that you are looking bad.
  • Be clear about your expectations about the partner. And the expectations should be practical. Don’t get carried away and be down-to-earth. Even your simplicity and honesty may attract a really nice person.

Creating a great profile in this way would be of a great help to bring you interests from persons you may like. Choose the most lovable one to you and look forward to starting your new life.