Prepare Your Hands for Flaunting Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

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manicureCongratulations! You have got engaged! Now you will proudly flaunt your engagement ring! Soon you will get married and then you will flaunt your wedding ring! Are your hands prepared for the close shots of your engagement and wedding rings? If not, you should pay a serious attention to them. People won’t only look at your rings; the hand below the rings too will be keenly noticed. So, here we are giving some useful tips with which you won’t have to feel worried and embarrassed about your hands.

Visit a Professional Manicurist

I know an extremely nice, professional manicurist – – who will hands look fabulous. This is one of the most innovative and largest nail and beauty networks in Europe and they have landed in Ibiza for their debut season. Here some pictures of their fantastic work have been given, which will certainly impress you.

Hire such a manicurist for a professional touch. But there are some more things you should remember.

beautiful hands with manicure

Start Well Ahead of Time

Experts say that brides should start their manicures well before their big day, i.e. at least 3 to 4 months before. When your manicure schedule is regular, your nails grow healthy and strong. This enables your nail expert or manicurist to give the best shape and length to your nails. The ultimate final manicure should be one or two days prior to wedding. Let the nail polish dry completely before you leave the nail salon.

beautiful hands with manicure

Give Attention to Overall Health

If you are giving so much attention only to your nails, but not to your overall health, your efforts on nails may be wasted. The health and beauty of nails depend largely on what you eat and how you keep your health. You should take a balanced diet rich in proteins, fresh veggies and fruits. Nails are made mainly of proteins. Therefore you should consume enough proteins, in form of pulses, poultry and dairy. Also consume adequate water to avoid dehydration. This will make your nails, hair and skin shiny. If required, take the advice of a dietician or physician about keeping the health of nails, skin and hair. Apply a rich moisturizer recommended by your manicurist to your hands and nails, to avoid dry skin and nails.

taking care of hands

So, brides don’t forget your precious hands, fingers and nails which will add to your bridal beauty and play a major role in making you look gorgeous on your special day.