Prepare Yourself for Wedding Photography Session

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Kelly Is Nice PhotographyWhat brides are more stressed about is their wedding photos. They are always afraid that they will look horrible in their wedding photos for some or the other reason. If you are a would-be bride and are immersed in the same worries, you should take some efforts to look your best on your wedding day, so that while looking at the wedding photos for the rest of your life, you will feel proud of yourself. Remember that it is not only your beauty that counts; it is also some wedding photography techniques which make you look better in the photos. You should discuss with your wedding photographer and consider his or her advice. (For the best examples of wedding photos, visit

Right? No, Left!

right sideYou will be surprised to learn that it has been proven from a study that the left side of face is more attractive than the right one! This is because our right side is more active, to which face too is no exception and so, the right side of face is more loaded with emotions. Naturally, on your wedding day, you have a lot of emotions, like anxiety, stress, excitement, pleasure, sorrow and many others. Remember this and while the photographer is taking your photo, turn your face a little towards right and let the left side face the camera more. This has another advantage of making the face look slimmer, especially for brides having a plump face.

Highlight the Best Features in the Wedding Photos

highlighting best featuresYou will have to act like a professional model and do some efforts for this. Find out the best features of your personality and study how you can highlight them in the photos on your big day. Take help of a friend who has an insight for this or who is a professional in beauty and fashion industry, if necessary. This includes your wedding dress too, which should be such that to emphasize your finest body features.  The shape and color of the dress should offer a getup to your figure and complexion respectively.

Avoid the Worst Feature: Double Chin

double chinDouble chin can worsen the photos of even the best brides. To keep it away in your wedding photos, tilt your head slightly up and project your jaw out a bit. You will need a good practice for this. Also make sure that the camera is at your eye level. Discuss this with the photographer.   

A Perfect Smile will Win the Battle

smileWin the battle against bad wedding photos with a perfect smile. You will need practice for this too. Sit literally in front of mirror and practice the smile! There is no harm in it. Let your face radiate joy while smiling. Think positive. You have to also remember to work out your smile as per your features. E.g. a big smile enhances the appearance of those having good teeth, whereas a half smile makes small eyes look bigger and lips fuller.