Preserving Your Gown for Destination Wedding

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wedding dress preservationIf you are going to celebrate a destination wedding, whether it is the other end of the world or just the neighboring town, your wedding gown should be preserved so as to look unwrinkled and fresh for your special day.

Here are some tips to keep your wedding gown as fresh as a flower till you reach your dream destination.

During Car Travel

Most wedding dress shops provide a garment bag for your dress with a bust form along with plenty of tissue so that your gown could be saved from being crushed. So, in case you are traveling to your destination in a car what you need after you reach there is just a quick fix (tips given below).

If you are not provided with a bag, fill in the bodice of the dress with as many tissues as possible and safeguard the folds of the skirt with more tissue. A large sheet (especially a fitted sheet) is best to cover the front of the gown and another one for the backside. Now pin the sheets with each other.

Hang the gown in such a way that the bodice faces the car door and bust form and tissue will protect it from wrinkling. Make the rest of the gown spread on the car seat.

During Ship Travel

Tips are same here as that of car travel, as you can carry your gown on a ship and most ships provide pressing services.

During Air Travel

Gone are the days when it was allowed to carry your wedding gown in a garment bag on board and hang the bag in a closet. These days, most of the airline companies insist you to keep the bag folded in the overhead bin because of which the gown is sure to wrinkle. In order to give it more protection, you can pack it in a large suitcase or box and check it with your luggage. Another solution is to buy a ticket for your gown! There are brides who do that. This eliminates the chances of getting the gown lost or delayed in arriving.

While Packing at Home

Take care of lining the suitcase or box of the gown with tissue and lay the gown with the front side down. This will make more than 1/3rd of the gown over the suitcase, 1/3rd at one end of the suitcase and the other 1/3rd at the other. Ensure that the gown is in the center of the suitcase. The part with the front side down must be flat, so that there are no folds or creases.

Quick Fixes

  • Hang your wedding dress in the bathroom. Now turn the shower to hot, shut the door and make the shower go on till the bathroom is full of steam. Steam will soothe most of the creases.
  • Purchase a portable steamer to use in the travel. Wrap its head with a small towel during the travel to protect water-sensitive fabrics like silk.

And of course, getting the gown restored from professionals is an easier solution which gives surefire good results and make the gown as graceful as if it has not traveled at all and you have worn it there itself. That will let you enjoy your destination wedding to the fullest because of the confidence of looking good.

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