Protect Yourself from Bad Wedding Vendors and Get Great Peace of Mind

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National Wedding CouncilCongratulations on your engagement and best wishes for the new life you are soon going to step into! You might have made big plans for your big day, obviously! You know that your big day cannot complete without a number of vendors like caterers, decorators, venue staff, photographers and videographers, musicians, and more. And therefore you are busy finding the best of them. But, by best you mean that they will do their job the best. But what if they have got bad nature, bad character, bad habits? Have you ever thought of that? It’s agreeable that you are hiring vendors recommended by your friends and relatives, and so, they must be good. But if only one of them turns out to be bad, what will you do? If you have come out of your wedding mood and thinking seriously on this question, let me give you good news. The National Wedding Council is committed to protect you from bad vendors.

What is National Wedding Council?

The National Wedding Council is a supervisory body in the wedding industry whose mission is to elevate the standards of wedding businesses and practices by stopping unscrupulous trends of wedding vendors. Wedding industry is a $51 billion industry across the nation. The National Wedding Council is committed to protect public from the unprofessional practices going on in this huge industry.

National Wedding Council

Wedding Certified

The National Wedding Council has developed a Wedding Certified program to protect couples by promoting only the top vendors in the industry. The program has been developed by the industry’s top professionals who practice firsthand the standard of service required to deliver.

Certified Wedding Vendor Seal

Wedding Certified promotes only the top vendors of the industry. Because of this, couples are protected from bad vendors. Several wedding sites advertise all vendors. But Wedding Certified vendors have to undergo a 10-point business evaluation and express their commitment towards improved services. And then they are awarded the designation of a Certified Wedding Vendor, backed by the National Wedding Council.

If you are a wedding vendor and are passionate to deliver exceptional wedding services and want to get enlisted in such a powerfully accredited program, you too can apply and try to become Wedding Certified.

Goal of National Wedding Council

The goal of the National Wedding Council is to create and bring back trust, ethics and professionalism in the industry between wedding couples and wedding vendors.


Their mission is to protect couples and promote only reliable and professional vendors through commitment, trust and certification.

Finding a Good Wedding Vendor

How Can Couples Save Themselves from Unprofessionalism?

The average cost of a wedding has increased to an extra $31K as per the statistics noted last year. An insightful bulletin has been published by the National Wedding Council to inform public about how in seven ways they can save from bad practices being run in the wedding industry.

  1. Trust Your Instincts: If you feel something is wrong, it probably is. Though the Council pre-screen all their Certified Wedding Vendors, they recommend couples using their own judgment while choosing vendors.
  2. Check the Vendor: The National Wedding Council recommends couples to first check if a vendor they are planning to hire is designated as a Certified Wedding Vendor. If the vendor is designated so, it means that they have undergone the strict 10-point evaluation of the Council which also checks accountability practices and therefore the certificate assures you that the vendors are committed to the best service and also are trying to still improve their services. It’s unfortunate that the wedding industry is full of all types of wedding vendors who all can advertise themselves on any of the websites which are only driven by an increase in cash flow. But the certification of the National Wedding Council has the highest standards. Therefore you should choose a wedding vendor in their list to remain on the safer side and save from your big day getting spoiled.
  3. Avoid Vendors with No Negative Reviews Clause: The National Wedding Council recommends couples to avoid vendors having no negative reviews clause in their contract. If something bad happens, this clause can be a legal contention point. It is also recommended to couples to carefully review websites of vendors, read all their contracts, use their sound judgment and stay away from high-pressure sales techniques. Uncertified vendors may hide these clauses in very fine print and thereby remove your ability to review them if they cannot deliver the service in a proper manner. If you sign up the contract with such a clause, certain states may even allow the vendors to sue you for giving negative reviews.
  4. Read Fine Print: Always read the fine print in the contract, to check whether there are any hidden charges. Uncertified vendors may send you a bill after your wedding if you haven’t examined the contract closely. These bills often include expenses for travel, overtime, lodging and food.
  5. Walk Away: If you feel that a vendor is not good, don’t hesitate to walk away. What’s the most important is not fall prey to the high pressure techniques and make a decision about the vendor carefully.
  6. Review Website: You may come across many review websites on the internet, all of which are not reliable. Some work on a pay-to-play principle and often remove negative reviews to support their vendors. These websites often publish fake positive reviews. In short, try to get the entire picture. Try to contact as many recommendations as possible and read the negative reviews too. Of course, one negative review doesn’t necessarily mean a bad vendor, but if negative reviews are many, it should give you a red alert.
  7. Use Only Full-time Professionals: The Council recommends couples to use only fulltime professionals rather than part-timers. Though you may see the benefit of low cost in hiring part-timers, it also has increased risk of unsatisfactory service and your disappointment.

How to Find the Best Wedding Vendors?

The National Wedding Council recommends couples to hire vendors only in the Wedding Certified program. The website offers couples free online tools through which they can educate themselves about choosing the best vendors and avoiding the bad, worse and worst.

Executive Director of the National Wedding Council, Spencer Potter, has stated that the Wedding Certified program helps consumers select only reputable vendors and resolve issues if any. According to Mr. Potter by doing this the wedding couples get the peace of mind which is invaluable.

How are Wedding Couples are Benefitted?

Now that you are planning your big day, protecting you from bad practices in wedding industry is priority. Here you should take help of the National Wedding Council which is absolutely FREE for engaged couples. What’s more, if you have experienced a bad wedding vendor about which you are wondering how to tackle with, the Council even helps you to resolve your issue with that vendor. And the best part is this service is totally FREE!


Get enrolled to the National Wedding Council right upon your day of engagement to get the protection of the Council up to your last dance. You can see that each vendor listed on the Council has a seal of Certified Wedding Vendor which means that they are committed to serve you with the extreme trust, integrity and professionalism.

The experience of the Council is 85% of the couples who don’t take care to use certified vendors come across problems with at least one of their wedding vendors. Therefore the Council is committed to evaluate each and every vendor independently and recommend only the best of them to you.

How Does it Work?

  • All vendors trying to get enlisted on the National Wedding Council have to undergo a 10-point business evaluation.
  • Only the Top 4% of the all the wedding vendors are certified. Because of such a stringent selection process, you are guaranteed to get the best of wedding vendors.
  • Therefore you can book the wedding vendors you find at the council with confidence.
  • You get great peace of mind!

What Do Vendors Get with Wedding Certified?

  • Wedding vendors, upon getting wedding certified, get a badge of Certified Wedding Vendor to promote their business.
  • They also get the title of Certified Wedding Vendor in their signature.
  • They get exposure in the business directory of the National Wedding Council which means more business
  • The National Wedding Council is soon going to introduce affordable liability insurance too with which the vendors will be benefited.
  • Accreditation by the National Wedding Council is the top international accreditation in the wedding industry
  • The business of the vendors will be regarded as the top 4% amongst all the wedding vendors in the world for their commitment to give outstanding wedding service and maintaining the best practices of the National Wedding Council.
  • Vendors will obviously receive more leads from potential customers and their business will be segregated from the crowd because of the backing of the National Wedding Council.

On the website of National Wedding Council, you can share a compliment as well as file a complaint. If you come across a pleasant experience with a vendor who really did well to make your big day pleasurable, you can recommend to feature them on the site. And if you are troubled by a vendor, you can make a complaint too on the site. There are a very few places on the internet where you can do that. The Council is eager to hear about such experiences and publish them so that other couples can be saved from bad vendors.