Red Wedding Theme – Passion, Excitement and Energy

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red wedding dressesIf you want to spice up your big day a little more, choosing a color theme for the day is a fantastic idea. E.g. if you choose a red wedding theme, you can choose some prominent elements of the wedding in that color like red bridesmaid dresses, red centerpieces, red balloons and so on, and that will change the whole look of your wedding to a more dramatic one. This is why wedding color themes are getting so popular nowadays. Of these, a red wedding color theme is one of the most popular. Let’s see what the significance is.

Psychology of Colors

It has been observed that your personality is reflected in your selection of wedding colors. It also reveals your imagination about your forthcoming married life. You might have made big plans about the color or colors of your wedding, years before; but finally it shows your personality traits.

Choosing red as your wedding theme color reveals excitement, energy and passion. Red creates a warm and exciting mood at your big day with plenty of action and high energy.chiffon-v-neckruffle sleeve sheath floor length bridesmaid dress


Red color on your wedding reveals that you are an extroverted, optimistic and confident bride.

Red is an attention-seeking as well as attention-getting color and choosing it for yours or your bridesmaids’ wedding dress is good because you want to become the center of everyone’s attraction which it does perfectly.

chiffon one shoulder with ruffles simple style short bridesmaid dress

Choosing red will signify that you want to take life’s enjoyment to the fullest through all your senses and on your wedding it will be expressed through great food, music, dance and an excellent visual experience for your guests.

chiffon strapless long wedding bridesmaid dress with asymmetrical pleated bodice

Variations in Red

Deepest red signifies more subdued energy. You can also choose burgundy which is blackish or dark purplish red and symbolizes a passion well in control. Another variation is maroon which is red mixed with blue. This is a color inclined towards conservativeness and involves passion and action that is thoughtful.

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chiffon spaghetti strap with floral detail ruched bodice long bridemsaid dress