Reportage Style Wedding Photography – A Story Unfolding through Photographs

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cheap wedding photographer in LondonReportage or documentary style wedding photography is getting increasingly popular. So, if you are considering it for your big day but wondering what it is, you should just remember that it’s a photography style which captures photos in a narrative style; in other words, the pictures tell a story. If you find it interesting and think that you should have it on your big day, here’s more information about it.

From its name itself, reportage photography suggests that it’s like a report. Unlike traditional wedding photography, reportage wedding photographs are less formal and are pose-free. They tend to be more natural. However, there is often direct involvement of traditional images too like group photos of the whole wedding party and portraits of bride and groom.

Why is Reportage Style Unique?

Reportage style wedding photography stemmed from photojournalism where pictures tell a story with words used occasionally in the form of captions. And just similar to photojournalism, it emphasizes on the subtleties of a subject to capture its real beauty in an eternal form.

When reportage style photography captures a wedding, it focuses on the main points of the special day than points which are captured stereotypically in a wedding.

E.g. during the cake-cutting ceremony, a traditional photographer will ask the newlyweds to stop and pose so that he can capture photographs. On the other hand, a reportage style wedding photographer like the cheap wedding photographer in London will capture photos without telling the happy couple to stop for posing while they cut the cake so that the photos are more natural, unfolding the story.

A reportage style photographer will also optimize the available light and backdrops in every location to ensure that your big day is shot in all its natural beauty and glory.

Photographs thus produced are usually candid, raw and filled with emotions, which makes the reportage style wedding photography unique and perfect for weddings.

Why is Reportage Style so Popular?

Couples and families hire a reportage style wedding photographer because they would love to remember their big event from start to end candidly, i.e. they want to see and relive those moments happening just as they did and not in a posed fashion.

There are various styles of wedding photography like traditional, fine art, quirky, vintage and more. All these have their own good points. Reportage photography style is desirable to those who want to see their wedding moments to be natural and not unnaturally posed in their wedding photos. If you are such a person, this style is for you. Hire a reportage photographer and enjoy your awesome wedding photos for years to come.