Seasonal Wedding Favors

Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Wedding seasons, Wedding tips |

Wedding favors are the way to express your wedding theme, personal style and to give your guests a nice souvenir of one of the most important days in your life. The most difficult part when deciding which favors will be perfect for your big day is the fact there are so many possibilities. Be wise, do not spend too much money on wedding favors, stick to the budget! However, be as creative as possible and your guests will be delighted. Here are some of the ideas and tips, based upon the wedding season. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that wedding favors are very nice way to show your wedding invitees that you truly appreciate their presence and support on your big day. Wedding favors might be creative, kitschy, edible, elegant, fun, traditional, but if you give them with love and respect, your guests will adore them.

Autumn Favors. Pumpkin-flavored cookies, candy apples in red or burnt orange boxes etc. So, in Fall it is all about Halloween, harvest, grapes and wine, leaves. This gives you many delicious and interesting opportunities. Maple syrup in maple bottle, perhaps?

Winter Favors. Tea with cookies, hot cocoa kits, warm blankets. Gingerbread cookies are also interesting winter wedding favors. Snowflake shaped chocolates, soaps and candles are also nice favors. And, of course, you can never go wrong with chocolate-covered cranberries.

Spring Favors. Potted flowers and plants with growing instructions. Anything with flowers or in flower shape will be nice, so think about cherry blossom, ladybug or butterfly personalized magnets.

Summer Favors. Personalized sunscreen mini bottles, hats, sunglasses. Or perhaps nice coolers for their beverage like Wedding Koozies. Since it is a hot season, some nice sandalwood fans can be great idea for summer wedding favors. Anything that has “by the shore” motifs, such as starfish magnets, wooden sailboat card holders and similar can reflect the season and your personality.