Second Marriage: Wedding Gowns

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Wedding tips |

Wedding-GownNowadays getting married for the second or the third time is no big deal at all. If you ever wonder is it alright, remember iconic Elisabeth Taylor who was married eight times and actually turned getting married into a form of art. However, even if you do not have doubts when it comes to your second marriage, picking the right wedding gown after your first wedding ceremony might be a bit tricky task.

Most women do have preconceived notions that fairytale ball gowns are only for those first-time brides and often they go for something plain and simple. It is recommended to choose the wedding dress you will feel comfortable and beautiful in. No matter the age and the number of your previous marriages, you should look fabulous anytime you go down the aisle. These days, you can find a wedding gowns finder online to help you in choosing the right dress for your important day.

Should you wear white? The white color was the symbol of virginity and fragility and brides wore white gowns to reflect that they are untouched by a man. Well, you are certainly not a virgin any more and therefore you might feel uncomfortable when even imaging yourself in a white gown. But, do you think every bride is a virgin on her first wedding? So, nowadays the white wedding dress is no more symbol of virginity, but the clean and fresh beginning. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid wearing white for your second wedding. However, if you would like your second marriage to be different (and better) than the first one, you can look for something different. Nowadays, you can find the wedding gown in any color you like. Or look for the white dress with colored accents: pink, violet, lilac, red, orange, gold, silver, blue, green, black etc. The most important thing is that your wedding dress flatters your figure and style. If white is your color, but you want an alternative to classic white gown, go for a white bride suit.