Selection of Photo Booth – Needs Serious Consideration

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

As far as wedding photos are concerned, renting a photo booth is a fun idea and you and your guests will be enchanted to have an exciting experience. There are many types of photo booth rentals available online as well as offline. However as you may think, all photo booths are not same. People generally think that they may choose any photo booth, as they will be getting the same product. But, to your excitement, you can choose amongst a wide range of booths, to get the experience you and your guests may be pleased to have. You should do a little research about the factors that may affect the experience and you will find that some of the photo booths may differ considerably from the rest.

Booth’s Age

The trend of photo booths has started since some two decades and since then these booths are providing great fun and amusement to innumerable people. While some of them may be brand new, some others may have undergone some impairment. Such old booths will not have the chimes and whistles that the new booths will offer. But the old booths may come at economical price.

Different Types

As told earlier, there are varieties of photo booths and if you are renting one, you must know what type you are booking for your special day. Some of these may be pricey. Some may be big enough to let many persons in it at a time. Just ensure what type you have chosen.


Various booths have different usability. Some are easy to use, while some other may be a little complex. Some open up images, while some others may have touch screens that let you work on the photos prior to printing them.

The Pictures

Some of the photo booths create better quality of images than others. Some may only print images in black and white, while some may provide an entire range of color portraits. You will have to thoroughly enquire with the renting company what you are going to get. You should take the picture quality into account on priority while paying for the rental photo booth.

Many event planners don’t give much importance to the selection of photo booths because they think that they are all same. But if you are planning to rent one for your big day, consider seriously about it and give thorough attention to what you will be getting. Such a serious consideration will give you and your guests a never-before amazing experience.