Send Magnificent and Eco-friendly Handmade Paper Wedding Invitations

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handmade wedding invitationCongratulations on getting engaged! You are now looking forward to your big day which should be as grand as one can imagine. Its every component should be special, starting right from the wedding invites. After all, the wedding invites will give your guests an idea about how magnificent your wedding is going to be. I recommend you the luxury handmade paper wedding invitations by Pergamonde! These wonderful wedding invitations give the recipient a feeling of classiness and elegance.

What is Handmade Paper and Why to Use it?

Handmade paper is a paper made by hand (not by machine) with a mould. It is a layer of fibers entwined together by the natural adhesive properties of cellulose. The mould is then covered by a flat frame known as a deckle, to contain the excess of wet pulp, dipped into a container of wet pulp, shaken to spread the fibers evenly and drain the excess water. The wet fiber mat thus produced is then dried using blankets and may be cold pressed, hot pressed or air dried.

Handmade paper is made from cotton rags or various vegetable fibers, or it also can be made with used paper. All these fibers are sourced from various plant species and therefore carry their own physical properties which offer a character to the paper.

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Handmade paper is absolutely free of wood which makes it the most eco-friendly paper. It is also totally recycled. It is excellent for writing and printing, and has higher tensile, tearing, bursting and double-fold strength than regular paper. It is also free from chemicals involved in the making of conventional paper. And it is dried with the most eco-friendly source of energy – solar energy. Handmade paper is entirely natural and it looks like fabric. It is popular in various parts of the world since 2,000 years.

Above all, handmade paper looks great – just perfect for being your wedding invitations! You will realize this from the images I am giving here of the fantastic products of Pergamonde, which include wedding invitations, guest books, and other wedding stationery. You can see a lot more on their website.

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What is Pergamonde?

Pergamonde is a company the main product of which is handmade paper. Handmade paper is a great way to announce your event in a natural, human and eco-friendly way.

Handmade paper being their main product, Pergamonde creates all their products from this amazing paper, main features of which are uniqueness, tradition and respect for the ancient crafts. Moreover it perfectly matches with the latest trend throughout the world of recycling of used materials. The handmade paper by Pergamonde is produced manually from used paper, practicing old technologies.

Handmade Wedding guestbook

How Do You Help Our Environment by Using Handmade Paper?

For creating one ton of regular paper, 270 trees or 400 bamboo plants are used. By using handmade paper you can save trees and save our environment.

So, if you are wondering what special you should do in your wedding, start from wedding invitations and other stationery made from the eco-friendly handmade paper and celebrate your wedding like an environmentally conscious and responsible inhabitant of our planet.

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