Should You Hire a Professional DJ for Your Wedding?

Posted by on Nov 9, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

professional-wedding-djSome young wedding couples opt for hiring a DJ instead of a live music band to entertain their guests. The main reason is not the budget, although typically a DJ is less expensive than a live band, but the variety of music they can play at the happy event. However, let’s not talk about what is better, because wedding couples, themes, venues and guests vary greatly and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. Instead, we’ve asked people from professional DJ hire service (check out whether MP3 player or a friend (who really loves and knows music) could do the same thing as a professional wedding DJ for less. What are the reasons to actually hire a professional entertainer over an amateur?

A professional wedding DJ has experience. Here, it’s not only about the experience with operating the equipment, but also with entertaining the crowd, public speaking and solving issues. Amateurs usually aren’t skilled enough to use effectively all the buttons and knobs even when they’re using professional sound equipment. In addition, a DJ should be able to realize what the crowd wants, to encourage them to go and keep dancing, while being polite and fun at the same time.

Talking about the equipment, depending on the venue and number of wedding guests, you’ll need different sound equipment. The music should be neither distorted nor too quiet. Professional DJ companies commonly have anything your wedding reception requires, including microphones for toasts and announcements. You can rent equipment, of course, but it will definitely increase the costs (which you want to decrease by hiring an amateur).

Compared to an amateur DJ, a professional one has access to both newer and older music. Even if it’s a song you’ve heard on the radio a week ago, a professional DJ very likely has it in the library. In other words, hiring a professional DJ means the music on your big day won’t lack variety.

Not every couple has an enormous budget for their big day and, logically, they are looking for any possible way to save some money on it. With an amateur DJ you can surely pay less, but will you get the same quality of service? Most wedding guests say that the entertainment is what they remember most about certain weddings, so make sure you hire someone who will keep the dance floor packed!