Should You Hire Only Wedding Photographer or Videographer or Both?

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips | wedding photosAre you concerned about the budget of your wedding and so, planning not to hire one of the professionals, photographer or videographer? Well, that may be your choice. I can only say that more than the saving you will make by not hiring any of these professionals, the pleasure of watching those one-of-a-kind moments for the rest of your life is important! And why to worry about budget when affordable services like are available? Here are benefits of hiring a photographer as well as videographer on your big day that outweigh savings through not hiring them.

Should Photographer and Videographer Both be Hired?

It’s true that a photographer captures all those dreamiest moments of your life into the camera which you can enjoy for years to come; so, photographer is a must! But those brides who are on a budget try to avoid hiring a videographer should consider the fact that a videographer captures not only movements, but also sounds! What about your wedding vows, reception music, laughs, gigs and toasts, and those emotional speeches? They can be captured only in a video.

Should the Photographer and Videographer Get Along Well?

Well, yes! It’s almost a must. They need not be best friends but should not certainly be enemies; otherwise, they may ruin your day. The best is to hire only one company that provides both the services like But, if that is not possible, ensure that both these professionals are on good terms with each other. You can ask the photographer to recommend a good videographer. wedding photos

Are Too Many Special Effects Creepy?

Effects can be used to rectify colors or emphasize details; but certain effects may make a photo look dated. While going through the portfolio of the photographer if you notice an effect that may turn you off, ask the photographer if it can be softened in your album.

What to Prefer – Digital or Film?

Though some purists are still loyal to film photography, digital photography has become more popular because of the higher image quality it offers. Trained eyes can differentiate between a print captured with a digital camera than that taken with film (some are of opinion that a film can capture more realistic colors), but the difference is not striking. Digital shooting has an advantage of the ease in making copies of your shots and achieving all your digital prints on a disc is a quick process. In short, you need not suggest the photographer whether to choose film or digital, as long as your job is done perfect.

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