Should You Wear Glasses On Your Wedding Day?

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"wedding"One of the biggest mistakes brides make on their wedding day is walking down the aisle to the altar looking completely unrecognisable to their groom. They might have changed their make up dramatically, be wearing their hair in a totally different way (even in a different colour) or of course, be without the glasses they habitually wear.

You don’t want your groom to do a double take when he sees you and think ‘who is this stranger?’.   You also want to be able to see your wedding day in all its glory and if you decide to dispense with your glasses then it’s all likely to be a bit of a blur. And you certainly don’t want that.

Who Is Your Bridegroom Marrying?

Your bridegroom wants to marry YOU, not a false image of you. If you wear glasses every day and depend on them, then of course you should wear them to your wedding too.

When you’re choosing your dress, your veil, your hairstyle make sure you take your glasses with you and see how they look with your bridal outfit.  Ask advice of the vendor, your hairdresser and even your make up artist if you’re using one.


Something To Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Of course, your wedding day could be the day that you decide to investigate contact lenses but to be honest, unless you’re a long time wearer, it’s not a good time to start experimenting. You don’t want to start having problems with them on your wedding day or show up with red, watery eyes.  So if you are considering swapping your glasses for contacts, you need to be trying them out months before your big day.  I also wouldn’t recommend showing up with coloured contact lenses. You really won’t look like yourself and certainly not in those all-important wedding photographs.

So what about laser surgery if you’re a bride to be? How about having your eyesight corrected so you can ditch the glasses for once and for all? Well, a lot of people are thrilled with the results of their laser eye surgery and find being able to dispense with glasses gives them a great deal of freedom. Again though, it’s something you need to be thinking about and possibly acting on long before your big day dawns so that you are completely comfortable with the results.

If you do finally decide to stick with your glasses on your wedding day then remember that those who know and love you think of them as part of your face. It’s definitely a good time to treat yourself to a new pair. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not match the frames to the colours in your bouquet – we’re talking subtle here of course. Or to your dress. Keep it light and understated though – nothing over the top.

What you need to remember is that on your wedding day you need to be true to yourself and not present a false image. Think about your glasses, give yourself plenty of time to try something new and then you’ll be confident with the final decision you reach.


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