Small Things that Make Sure Your Wedding Photos are Excellent

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Sydney wedding photographer and videoWedding photography is almost an unending topic and whenever you think of it, you get something new to learn. As wedding photographs are the only memories of the big day we are going to have physically in hand, they have to be excellent. So, here are some more useful tips for brides to have the best photos of life of their best day.

Preparation Photos

While a professional photographer like a Sydney wedding photographer and video is at your service, you need not have to worry about whether your photos will be good or not – they will be excellent. However, you on your own can make efforts to achieve this goal. It starts from the preparation photos.

  • If you want to look fresh and beautiful in your preparation photos, you should make sure that the preparation room is air-conditioned to keep you safe from sweating and gets plenty of natural light which will help your photographer to capture excellent photos without difficulty. Photos of getting ready in a posh room will make you look like a royal!
  • Declutter the room! Get the preparation room tidied with the help of your bridesmaids before you get into your bridal gown. You don’t want towels and bottles spread on the floor, a lot of opened bags lying on the bed, or your bridesmaids’ dresses lying here and there on the backdrop of your portraits.
  • Keep in mind that champagne will make you sweat; so, either don’t drink it or keep it to minimum while getting ready. You’ll get ample opportunities to sip the bubbly later in the day.
  • Never take a tranquiliser medication that you haven’t tried so far. You don’t want to feel groggy, react in a weird way and break out in a rash during your big day.
  • To let your photographer have adequate time to capture snaps of all your belongings, dress, shoes, jewellery, and also some of yours and your bridesmaids’ portraits, make sure he starts at least 2 hours before the ceremony.

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Family Photographs

If you are worried with the thought of family photos, understand that if you plan them well, they will take just 20 minutes and if not, they may take even an hour.

  • Make a list of not more than 10 family photos and group photos. But keep in mind that you have to do it not on the wedding day but at least a week before. More than 10 will be a waste as you won’t have them all in your album. Give that saved space to your own photos, individual portraits, couple photos and while mingling with guests.
  • Better ask guests to take off glasses to avoid the glare from the sun and the lighting. So also, ask women to keep handbags and purses away. If your photographer is good and attentive enough, he’ll do this job.

These small things will make sure your wedding photos are excellent which you’ll be proud of to cherish for years to come.

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