Some Non-essential Wedding Photos which You Should Have in Your Album

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wedding dress 1When wedding photography is concerned, certain photos are essential. These are the photos of ceremony, firstly, when bride enters the venue, walks down the aisle, she and groom exchange vows, wear each other rings, kiss each other, dance together, etc. But there are some other moments too, which are not essential but they add a great dimension that takes the whole episode to an unforgettably beautiful level. Taking the usual and essential photos is just customary. What about creativity, uniqueness, beauty, splendor, joy, emotions, and everything else that a wedding is made up of? If they are caught on the film, only then it will look like a true celebration to the viewers’ eyes. Which photos will you include in your shots list to make your wedding album incredibly gorgeous?

Togetherness of the Couple

Why is your wedding so big for you? It’s because you are finally going to be united with your soul mate on this very day. Shouldn’t this be seen in your wedding photos? It should be, certainly! And there are lots of spots you can choose to take the candid photos – solitary corners of the church, masonry steps and walls, trees and lawns, winding or straight paths, and many more. Remember you should not look into the camera unless it is needed. Neither should you give some unworldly expressions as if you are acting in a movie. After all, you are newlyweds or a would-be couple who have nobody but the other on their minds. This should look in the photos. A talented wedding photographer will direct you just perfectly about how to show togetherness – walking on a beautiful path holding each other’s hands, sitting on a bent branch of a tree or steps of the church lost in each other’s eyes, in a hot air balloon or a kayak, and so many! These photos will denote the start of your happy married life.



Togetherness can be best caught on the film with photos of hands or feet together! Both of you sitting together on a wall when your photographer takes photo of only your legs, your hands mingled with each other’s showing off your rings, you resting your face on your sweetheart’s shoulders, and many such sweet moments will evoke a heavenly feeling in you whenever you will watch them!



But guests too are important, aren’t they? After all, they attended your wedding and blessed you with their good wishes. Catching guests’ photos in various gestures from a high point is awesome. Your photographer can catch some lovely moments, when your guests are dancing, chatting, clapping for you, giving speeches, getting emotional, and so many!

guests 2


Your Wedding Dress

Flaunt your wedding dress to your heart’s content in your wedding photos. After all, when are you going to wear it again? This is the occasion when you will wear it and watch it for years to come in the wedding photos. Its embellishments, sequins, pearls, lace, frills, its train – show off every element of the prized apparel in the photos. Of course, the photos should include groom’s suit too.

wedding dress 2

groom's dress

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