String Quartet – Making Your Big Day Unforgettable

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string quartetIf you are planning to hire a string quartet to play classical music on your big day, it’s a perfect decision! Classical music creates a classy atmosphere just appropriate for a wedding. You can make the environment filled with mesmeric tunes during the actual wedding ceremony or breakfast or drinks reception, which can increase the enjoyment of the occasion manyfold. Classical music goes well with any wedding venue, whether it is a civil ceremony venue or a church. In fact a high profile classical string ensemble is a choice of musicians of the rich and famous! This doesn’t mean that those on budget cannot enjoy this classy music. If you are keen on some points, you can hire a superb string quartet for your big day and fill your day with the magic of music.

What is a String Quartet?

A string quartet is made of a cello, a viola and two violins. Traditionally they present recitals of pieces by the classical masters, but nowadays most quartets include a more modern gamut which can have jazz, pop, swing, folk and film themes in their presentations.

Usually string quartets are hired for playing background music at weddings especially during the pre-ceremony, wedding breakfast, actual ceremony and drinks reception. Since they perform usually unamplified, changing locations is quite easy for them, which is useful if you are having the wedding in a church and the drink reception at another venue.

What to Look For in A Good String Quartet?

The qualities a good string quartet should have are:

Excellent Demo Recording: The music should be well produced and should be in tune, in time; thus it should resemble a high quality recording.

Excellent Presentation: The band members should be well dressed, so as to increase the glory of your wedding. Their photos should be great.

Great Reviews and Testimonials: The group should have excellent and genuine reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Recommendations from reputed wedding planners are also valuable.

High Quality Instruments: For producing high standard music, high quality instruments are essential.

Experience & Background: If possible, study the background of each member of the group. A good music quartet should have full-time musicians as its members with a music college background. Also know about for how long they have been established. Check whether they have a good track record of performing at high-status events or at high standard wedding venues.

What will a String Quartet Do at Your Wedding?

Generally, for a wedding a string quartet arrives an hour prior to the event to settle down and get in tune.

They can play for the guests gathering for the ceremony, creating an elegant and relaxed atmosphere.

As the ceremony starts, they will play for the entrance of the bride, the signing of register and the exit of the newlywed couple.

Usually the performance times are 45 to 60 minutes with short pauses in between, with around 3 hours in total.

The music to be played is planned after discussing with you, for which usually one of the group members contacts you 3 weeks prior to the wedding day. Most string quartets are ready to include special requests, provided the request is suitable to the string quartet format and they have an intimation at least three weeks before the event.

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