Summer Outdoor Wedding – Planning and Decoration Tips

Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

outdoor decorationIf you are planning to throw a memorable summer outdoor wedding party, you are surely aware of the fact that it decorating this event involves different type of planning. You should do more than just check out several venues and choose the most appropriate. Also, you have to take several things into consideration: lightning, temperature, weather and grounds. Here are some tips to help you do this smoothly and successfully.

If it’s your own property, start decorating it as early as possible, even though you are at an advantage compared to those making an outdoor wedding at someone else’s property. The wedding lawn have to be mown already in spring and maintained until the event. Plan a special area for wedding photo session.

What can ruin a perfect day out there in the nature? Bugs. If your wedding guests spend the whole time being bombarded and bitten by black flies and mosquitoes, they won’t be happy, but miserable. Hire a professional to spray for bugs, but make sure it’s done at the right time, few days in advance, because it won’t be that healthy to spend a whole day in that area immediately after the treatment. Also, standing water in the property might look lovely, but it’s the place where pests are likely to breed.

Checking on the availability of electrical outlets and supplies is important, no matter where your wedding reception is taking place. Caterer necessities, speakers, microphones, DJ and the most important, lightning – you need a lot of electrical outlets to support that.

A week before the big day, you could wrap trees with party lights or those you use for Christmas. Once the Sun goes down, those lights will give a romantic vibe to your reception party. However, cords should be out of the way, because you don’t want anyone to trip. Also, you can use candle lanterns and hang them on the lower branches. Citronella candles are recommended because they are helpful in keeping bugs away. They will both look lovely, add scent and be functional. However, they shouldn’t be blown to the wind.

Custom designed wedding decor essentials & accessories will make your lovely outdoor decoration even more personal, romantic and memorable. Once when you set up reception tables, centerpiece decoration and other accessories, you need to provide a shelter from the wind or to assure these items are heavy enough not to be blown over or away.