Summer Wedding Planning Tips – Keep Your Guests Cool

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wedding drinksBrides who are planning a summertime wedding are usually envisioning a picture-perfect blue-sky day and a sea of lovely, white and pink roses everywhere they look, wedding guests in high-fashion outfits walking through astonishing gardens with elegant champagne glasses in hands. However, what a summer bride is surely not envisioning are those same wedding guests dehydrated, overheated, fighting thousands of mosquitoes. I’m not suggesting you should give up on throwing your big party on a summer day, but simply to help you prevent any possible dangers of it, at least when your guests’ comfort is in the question.

All-indoors or all-outdoors wedding venues are not really what you should look for when choosing the perfect site for your wedding reception. I suggest booking a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor party areas, for example a glamorous ballroom and a refreshing outdoor terrace overlooking a golf course. This is especially important if you have elderly or pregnant guests. If, however, you want to rent a tent for your big day, make sure you also provide high-quality, portable fans (relatively silent and strong enough) and place them anywhere guests will gather.

For an outdoor ceremony, scout out your wedding location and make sure the site manager arranges tables and seats with big umbrellas or under the shade of trees (if possible). Since the metal can heat up in the sun, reconsider having metal chairs for your outdoor seating. In case you’re stuck with them, ask for fabric slip covers and/or cushions for metal chairs that are going to be placed in peak sunlight.

summer weddingWhen choosing wedding favors, think about customized paper fans and/or little bottles of high SPF sunscreen. You can also set a spray bottle of sunscreen and a vase of lovely paper fans at each table for guests to protect and cool themselves with. Keep your guests hydrated by serving lots of ice water in stylish glasses with slices of orange, lemon or lime. Flavored lemonades are also an excellent choice for a summer wedding.

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