The Perfect Pair – How to Pick Bridal Shoes

Posted by on Jul 25, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

bridal shoesPicking bridal shoes can be a tedious job to start with, but it might just influence your entire wedding night, so pick wisely.

The Question is – sandals, open toe shoes or simple stilettos?

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

1. First, think of the season when you’re having your wedding in.
You surely can’t wear sandals or open toe shoes in winter. For winter weddings, you can easily get away even with some stylish ankle boots if you pick a cute short dress.
Elegant gowns should never be paired with ankle boots.

2. If you want to wear stockings the only suitable kind are closed toe shoes. Wearing sandals with stockings is something you should avoid in any situation.
Sure, there are special types that have open toes and might look natural, but it’s more complicated and a bit uncomfortable.

3. You may have a personal issue with wearing stilettos as a bride because you consider them not elegant enough.
Yes, sandals may look a bit more classy, but only if you pick a simple designs. The more straps and embellishments they have, the less elegant they look. Simple is timeless, go for that.

4. Satin white shoes or sandals are not so fashionable anymore, also they can get stained easily and cleaning them might be impossible.
If you still want to go for white, get an off white shade, not a crisp white. You can wear them with some other, even more casual looks if you pick simple stilettos. This way, the investment would be made in a smart way.

5. If you like to go wild with the shoes, try to find some simple designs that have either embroidered details or some subtle crystal adornments.

Shopping on a budget?

A pair of nude shoes is a great option. If you don’t like how beige and white look together, go for silver or gold.

Even better, a pair of red shoes could make a fabulous difference and might just bring that pop of color you needed for your look.