The Story Behind Black Wedding Dresses

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black wedding dressTraditionally the color of a wedding dress is ivory, white or off-white. However, some brides that want to do something unique and catchy on their wedding may want to choose a colored wedding dress. Among colored wedding dresses, the story of black wedding dresses is perhaps the most interesting. Here it is.

Actually, brides did wear black wedding dresses centuries ago in various cultures. For example, in Europe, brides used to wear a bridal dress of whatever color they were fond of, even black. The trend of white bridal gowns was actually started by Queen Victoria in 1840 with her wedding ceremony. After that, white bridal gowns became a symbol of the elite who were privileged enough to spend a lot on expensive dresses that could be damaged easily. Later the trend was caught up by the middle class after WWII; however, black wedding dresses were worn still by brides, and more so by those who lately lost a loved one.

Another interesting thing is that Roman Catholic brides, in Spanish cultures, essentially wore black to show their devotion to marriage until death.

It was in the late 1800s that the black was given a very negative connotation and was linked with death and mourning. Later on, it even became a huge prohibition for the mother of bride or groom to wear black as it was supposed to be denoting a regret on the wedding or choice of bride or groom!

Finally, the misconceptions came to an end and today black is considered the best of all colors, and even the most sophisticated and elegant shade a bride can wear.

In 2010, a fabulous range of white wedding dresses, adorned with superb black bows and sachets around the waist was introduced and eventually an entire black wedding dress made an extraordinary comeback.

And then a trend started of black wedding dresses, each more beautiful than the other, being introduced every year which continued till date. Materials used are soft black tulle, black organza, inspiring lace and an infrequent mishmash of nude shades.

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