The Top 5 Factors in Hiring the Ideal Wedding Photographer

Posted by on Nov 4, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Choosing a photographer to use on your wedding day can seem like an overwhelming experience.  Many people don’t know where to begin or what to look for when making the decision. If you fall under this category, you are not alone!  Here are a few tips to look for when deciding upon a wedding photographer:

  1. Experience:Photography is an art, and when it comes to capturing moments to last forever, talent and experience matters! It is important to find someone who knows the right background, lighting, position and the exact moment to shoot in order to capture the perfect image for one of the biggest days in your life.
  2. Check for References or Reviews: An ideal wedding photographer will have excellent reviews from past clients. Knowing that people have been happy about their wedding pictures can give you insight to how a photographer truly is on your special day.
  3. View Their Portfolio: Does the wedding photographer have a portfolio? They should! Being able to view their pictures allows you to gain perspective on the photographer’s past work and style of photography.  But remember, each wedding is different, so use this portfolio as a base, keeping in mind that every one is different.
  4. Personality: Many people may not think of taking the photographer’s personality into consideration, but this is vital! Having a photographer that is able to relate and understand your wishes is one of the most essential aspects to finding the best wedding photographer for you.
  5. Ability to Capture Subtlety: As mentioned before, photography is an art. It is important to use a wedding photographer that can not only capture the larger moments, but the subtle ones, as well.  It is all the memories, big and small, that make a wedding so special, so be sure to use a photographer that can capture it all, down to the finest detail.  It is factors like these that make a big difference in the final, finished photos and leave a lasting impression to you and your loved ones.

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