Things You Should Remember in Choosing Your Wedding Bands

Posted by on Oct 14, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Every couple dreams of that perfect wedding. From the perfect time and day, to the perfect venue, the perfect motif, the perfect bridal dress and tuxedo, perfect bouquet for the bride, and of course, the perfect symbol for their commitment to each other, the wedding ring.

Whether you’ll go for a trendy wedding or you’ll stick to the classy and timeless, make sure your ring will endure the test of time, here are the 7 things you should do:

  • Start looking for that ring ASAP

Wedding preparations usually take 2 months or more, from the moment that you start planning your wedding you should also start to look for the wedding ring. If your wedding preparations will take 3 months, you should at least give yourself two months to browse through different stores and look for the perfect ring. If you’re thinking about customized wedding bands, it will usually take a month or more, especially when it has some engravings. But if you don’t have enough time already, do the engraving later.

  • Have a Budget Plan

Wedding rings are pretty much expensive if you’re talking about platinum wedding band, gold band is cheaper, more or less $150. But you save for platinum, be prepared that your expense for the wedding band could be more or less $650. The wedding ring will be so much expensive if you add-on diamonds. Having a budget planned will really help you ease your trouble in looking for the ring.

  • Choose what reflects your lifestyle

Basing your choice on ring with the looks alone, even if you haven’t spoken to your groom, is a big NO. The choice of the ring should be agreed upon by the bride and the groom. Plus, your choice of ring should reflect your lifestyle. If both of you are proactive people, you should choose slimmer rings or what they call comfort fit, rather than a bulky wedding rings. You should also think of whether your partner is highly allergic to certain metal alloys, and if your partner is allergic, platinum band is the best solution to that. It’s also okay to choose wedding bands that are of different style. You’re a couple, you’re not twins. Wedding bands don’t necessarily have to look like each other, they should however, complement each other. Just like how relationships should be.

  • Always Quality Check

It’s more than meets the eye. You should look for the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark (24K or PLAT). Identifying manufacturer’s trademark will prove that the company where the ring came from has steadfast and efficient products. Meanwhile, checking for the quality will make sure that they have undergone for professional inspection.



  • Think in style

Some rings won’t look good in jeans or in casual wear. Choose the wedding ring that will suit any attire and what will suit your daily fashion sense and that the ring will last until “you know.”


  • Properly Sized

The final fitting of the ring should be done when the body is calm and the temperature is normal. The finger is quite bigger when it’s morning, when the temperature is on the extremes (hot and cold), or when the bride has a monthly visitor.


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