Three Great Options to Buy Diamonds and Diamond Jewelry for Your Big Day

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diamond ear studs by Diamond PlazaWhen you plan to buy a diamond for the engagement ring and other diamond wedding jewelry, you have three options: buying online, from a land-based retailer or from a wholesaler. If you are daunted about which one of these to choose, here is the information of all the three so that you can decide which one fits you the best.

1. Tips for Buying Jewelry from a Wholesaler

Look for High Quality at the Best Price

If you are wondering about which are the jewelry stores near me Fort Lauderdale, you can find wholesalers like Diamond Plaza. This is the shop which not only sells you diamonds and diamond jewelry but also helps you find the best pieces by educating you. Not only their prices are the best, they enable you to work directly with the diamond cutters and import experts.

Buy in Bulk

You may not need hundreds of diamonds. But consider buying multiple ones because some wholesalers can give you at least a small discount on them. E.g. you can design a multi-diamond ring, or want to buy many pieces of jewelry like ear studs, engagement and wedding rings, pendants or bracelets. In that case, you may get a discount.

diamond pendant by Diamond Plaza

2. Tips for Buying from a Land-based Retailer

Visit a Shopping Mall

Most shopping malls have multiple jewelry stores and most major department stores too have their selections of diamond jewelry. Thus if you are a person who want to touch and personally inspect the jewelry, you can do that without having to running here and there. However, don’t expect the prices of one retailer to match with that of the other in the same mall. They coexist in the same mall for a long time without reducing prices; they don’t get an incentive to offer you a better deal.

Carry a Preprinted Price List

Find prices of diamonds you want and take a printout of the price list. If a retailer has the same diamonds for higher prices you can show them the list. Even if you actually have to purchase the diamond the same day, you can create an impression that you are just comparing and have no problem in online shopping, some retailers might offer you reduced prices to grab your business.

diamond engagement ring by Diamond Plaza

3. Tips for Buying Diamonds Online

Comparison Shopping

When you will start looking for products online, you’ll find that prices vary significantly. But to figure out the amount of this variation, you have to go through numerous online stores. Not anymore! Take help of comparison websites wherein you’ll find various options listed together which will save your time as well as money by comparing various factors you want like quality, sizes, designs, patterns, types of jewelry and prices.

Compare Return Policies

Among various factors you want to compare, an important one is the return policies of the stores. There are always chances that you may want to return the jewelry or diamond. So, compare and find out which of the sellers has the best return policies.

diamond bracelet by Diamond Plaza

Leave Your Trace

The site on which you’ll search usually use cookies with the help of which they identify you. There are all chances that they may give you special offers, low prices or any other goodies. Even the comparison sites through which they reached them typically get compensated. So, if you leave any appreciation and thanks for their help, you can reach the seller when you are about to buy.

Look for a Discount on Cash

Some sellers provide a rebate if you pay them in cash (electronic transaction from your bank account) (because credit cards change processing fess). The difference in the prices for “cash” and “credit” are clearly seen. So, you can opt for these types of sellers.

Plus, you can always learn about various diamonds from the above-mentioned Diamond Plaza and then decide. Happy jewelry shopping!