Tips for Getting Ready for Awesome Wedding Photographs

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Cambridge wedding photographerSo, you have accomplished the big task of hiring a good wedding photographer! The next big task for you is to get ready for the photos. Everyone would wish to look good in their wedding photos, so, not only you, but your groom too would wish the same. So, here are tips for both of you to prepare in such a way that the photos will be your treasured belongings for years to come.

The Miracle of Light

Just as paints are things that bring magic to a painting, light is the element that makes wonders to photos. If you ask your wedding photographer what the most important thing for her/him is, s/he will reply “good light”! You may ask how that matters to you. After all, it’s the photographer’s problem. So, here you should understand what to expect from your photographer. E.g. if you think that on a hot summer day when sunshine is glowing everywhere and so, you will get awesome wedding photos, it’s wrong. Actually, people will be sweating and squinting and you won’t want them in your photos that way. So, if your photographer wants to move people for group photos, obey her/him. S/He may also make people face to a different direction than you thought of. In any case, you should understand that your photographer is striving for the best light, and you should cooperate with her/him.

Cambridge wedding photographer

Bridal Preparations

Bridal preparations are important part of wedding photos. So, you should think of it in advance, like, where you would get ready and how many members would be there in your bridal party. If you are to get ready in a small room with dozens of bridesmaids, a hair stylist, a makeup artist and your mother, and then added with the photographer, imagine how chaotic the situation could be. To add to that, a videographer too may drop in. You never expect your photographer to offer you awesome photos of your preparation in that condition. Better keep the room reserved only for you first and then your bridal party. In that situation, you should keep a keen eye on the clock and have ample time for preparations and its photography before you head towards your wedding venue.

Group Photos

It’s a myth that group photos have become outdated now. They are still popular. All your uncles, aunts and cousins, along with your parents, will want photos with you. You better make a list of important family members and hand it to your photographer so that s/he may not be confused about taking shots.


Portraits of you and your groom are essential parts of your wedding album. Listen to your photographer’s instructions and obey them for perfect wedding portraits. Also if you have something to suggest, discuss them with your photographers so that they would get a precise idea of what you want.

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