Tips for Wonderful Winter Wedding

Posted by on Aug 15, 2011 in Wedding tips |


Winter is one of the best seasons to plan your wedding and you can choose your clothing, decorations, place, themes and more depending on the season. Wedding is the most important thing in one’s life and so everything has to be perfect when it comes to wedding. Wedding planning is the most important thing that you do in your life by planning carefully and you plan everything ahead of time. If you are planning a winter wedding, here are some advices and tips to assist you in planning.


Winter wedding clothing: It is very important that you get the perfect clothing for your winter wedding. Don’t wear something that will freeze you during outdoor shoot for photo or while walking to reception from wedding. Most of the wedding dresses either come in sleeveless or strapless but you can always buy beautiful wraps, jackets and shawls that match your winter wedding dress.


Location of winter wedding: When you plan to get married in winter, it is important that you choose appropriate location that is warm and intimate. A wedding hall with fireplace is a very good option and if you are looking for a large space then you can look for huge historical building or a private club. Your location should be heated appropriately so that you and the guests don’t feel cold or freeze on your big day.


Menu for Winter Wedding: Winter wedding should include a good menu. You can choose all of your favorite foods for your wedding but you should give a winter touch to it like warm cocoa, pie or a pumpkin soup. You can also think about spiced wines or eggnog for your reception. If you want to be innovative, you can keep ice sculptures or keep a snow globe on top of your wedding cake.


Flowers for Winter Wedding: A wedding can’t be complete without flowers, no matter what season it is. You should go with the natural winter flowers on your wedding. You may also choose flowers with berries or a bright bouquet with classic roses. First of all, talk with the florist and make sure that he gives you the best.