Tips on Working with Wedding Caterers

Posted by on Aug 22, 2015 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

When planning a big day, one of the most daunting tasks might be hiring a caterer. It’s important to choose all your vendors right, but keep in mind that your guests will remember your wedding menu, for better or worse. I spoke with experts from Bon Soir Caterers, who cater weddings (among other events) in New York City and have 5 stars on Yelp. Here’s what I found out about the most important tips and commonest mistakes couples make when hiring caterers for their big day. 

Don’t Overlook the Venue

In general, there are two types of venues: those that allow for independent caterers to handle the food and all-inclusive venues, with on-site caterers. In case your venue does not allow outside vendors and you would die to have your favorite Mexican food served at your big day, that could be a problem. There’s always a possibility to “buy out” the on-site catering and bring in your choice, but few couples have enough cash for such a luxury. In case your heart and mind are set on a specific caterer, make sure you book the venue that will allow outside food. Furthermore, do the research about the venue’s technological and electrical capabilities, preferably together with your caterers.


Be Honest About Your Budget

wedding catering 3One of the most important things about being successful at organizing your big day is creating a budget and fixing to it. So, once you start your search for the perfect caterers and menu, you should already know what your budget is. Try to be honest with your vendors about it, because that’s the only way for them to help you discern what’s possible and what’s not. If your caterers cannot say no and promise the magic for cheap, there are two scenarios: either you’ll be unpleasantly surprised when the bill arrives, or your wedding food will be a total disaster.

Talk About Your Dietary Preferences and Needs

wedding catering 2It’s important to let your caterer know about your special dietary needs and restrictions as soon as possible. Otherwise, they won’t know about your peanut allergy or hatred of cooked carrots and they will be likely to make terrible mistakes. If you explain your food preferences timely, your caterers will be able to create a menu that’s a nice reflection of you as a couple. Nevertheless, it’s not recommended to push your beliefs too hard on the rest of your family and friends. A skilled and experienced caterer will make sure the food is widely acceptable, while being reflective of the couples’ style and tastes, too.