Tips to Create Unforgettable Wedding Flower Arrangements

Posted by on Mar 14, 2014 in Wedding tips |

wedding flower decorationFlowers make a big difference in the decoration of any occasion and wedding is not an exception. Every bride wishes that her wedding should be unforgettably beautiful and for this she should choose the flowers and their arrangements carefully. These flowers may be different or similar to the flower arrangements for every day, but they should reflect her unique personality and taste. They should create a theme so as to make her big day the very special event of her life.

There is Nothing Right or Wrong

Whatever may others say, remember that your choice is important. There is nothing right or wrong in it. Therefore don’t let your decisions be influenced by others’. But you can take help of a good florist to give you some useful tips. Better think a lot about this matter, which will create a lot of ideas and questions in your mind which you can ask an expert, like a good florist. It is also better if you have a basic understanding of what will be suitable for the theme and the budget. Some basics which normally apply before you start with are:

  • Even one flower can make a big difference. There need not be an extravagance of flowers. So, even if you are on a tight budget, you can achieve a great floral decoration.
  • Positioning plays a key role. If you achieve it right in addition to a clever use of low-cost foliage you can create a lavish-looking floral atmosphere.
  • Your florist must understand what you have on mind. Otherwise you better search for another.



As said earlier you must think on floral decoration for your big day to get various ideas. This includes searching through bridal magazines and other resources too. Even gardening books can help you in this matter. If you don’t know the many names and types of various flowers, you can simply start with looking at the lovely floral bouquets and other arrangements in these magazines and books and you will start getting an idea about your liking. Try taking a tour to a greenhouse or a botanical garden, where flowers and floral arrangements are displayed. They even provide useful information of flowering and other plants, their significance at various occasions and colors in which they are available. Here what you can see importantly is:

  • Every flower has a different meaning and significance. Try to learn about it. This can play an important role in your decision making. It is an age-old tradition to express one’s sentiments through flowers, which is called “language of flowers”. And it is not very difficult to learn. In fact, being a girl you have an innate sense for it, which you can just bring out in this way.
  • If you don’t want to get into the significance of flowers and their language, you can always choose some flowers which are legendarily meant for weddings and love, and with them you cannot go wrong. Roses, lily, orchid, calla lily, hydrangea, marigold, peony, lotus and many such flowers are considered pure, pious and just right for occasions like weddings.


Your Budget

It’s your wedding and you are bound to get excited; but calm down and think about the budget. No need to get disappointed if you are on a tight budget. As said earlier, even less flowers can make a big difference. You just have to think cleverly. Better make two lists – one of essential flowers and one your wish-list, so that when you start shopping, you can get exactly what you want. Once you choose your must-have flowers and still have left with some money, you can choose flowers from your wish-list too.

  • Be honest about your budget with the florist, so that s/he can help you find the best at low cost.
  • Choose expensive flowers only for special elements of your weddings, like your bridal bouquet.
  • Choose flowers with strong fragrances and colors that will create an air of more flowers even if they are not too many.

Thus if you start preparing cleverly, creatively and with much time in hand, you can create a memorable floral decoration for your big day.